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If you're a fan of being outdoors or love nature and you haven't taken the time to visit the California Redwoods, then this needs to be your next vacation destination. You will not only find some of the tallest trees on Earth, but a beautiful mix of prairie land,  rocky coastlines, and an abundance of wildlife. There are beautiful rivers and swimming areas as well as fantastic hiking and biking trails lined with lush greens all resting in the shade of the magnificent California Redwoods. If these descriptions haven't already convinced you to plan your next vacation to Northern California,...

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When you were a kid you were probably forced to eat something you didn't like. Your parents probably never told you that when you grow up, you may just find yourself eating something crazy on purpose. We've found 14 outrageous meals that you won't believe actually exist. Yes, people decide to eat these things--and they like them! 14 Outrageous California Meals 1. Doughnut Burger - San Francisco You may love hamburgers and you may love doughnuts, but would you love them together? Straw in San Francisco offers The Ringmaster - a cheese burger stuck between two glazed doughnuts (source). It's an...

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Put on some red, white, and blue and head out to see the fireworks! We've compiled a list of some of the best spots to view fireworks in California. We know cities all over California will be showing off their best and brightest fireworks. Hopefully we've included a city near you! California Firework Viewing Hot Spots Mt. Shasta See some of the best fireworks in Northern California from the Mt. Shasta Resort (a $2 fee) or sit on the beach at the Lake Siskiyou Campground. From Eureka Directed over Arcata Bay, the best place to view these fireworks is...

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We're letting the secret out. Check out these awesome secret and hidden bars in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Impress your date with you insider knowledge of these amazing bars and quickly become the life of the party! Secret Bars in San Francisco Burbon & Branch Enter here to take a step back into the 1920's. Make sure you take a gander at their House Rules (some of which include speaking "easy", no use of cell phones, and no standing at the bar). If you can find your way around these, make Burbon & Branch your next late...

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We've posted about In-N-Out and it's true, we do love their burgers, but we know they aren't the only burger place in California. We thought we'd welcome the coming of summer by compiling a list of the best burger places in California to get your mouth watering and to give you some possible road trip destinations. Best Burgers in California Etna Brewery, Etna Enjoy a local brew and a fantastic burger at this Northern California local favorite. You can go old-school with a cheese burger or kick it up a notch with their well known Ortega Burger! Flickr by Zane...

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