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15 Amazing Disney Treats Worth the Wait

Everyone knows Disneyland is a magical place with thrill-filled rides, fantastic fireworks, awesome souvenirs, and the famous characters. What you don’t usually go to Disneyland for is the food, but that’s all about to change when you see this list of foods and drinks that make standing in those long lines worth it. Disneyland Resort has the food and drink side of things covered. They have figured out what their guests want and cater to it—from green screwdrivers with five different rums to buttery pineapple ice cream, the following items are must-tries.   The Uh-Oa! DF Where to Find It: Trader Sam’s Bar in The Disneyland Hotel What It Is: Following the Enchanted Tiki Room theme, Trader Sam’s Bar serves this delightful drink in a stylish fishbowl. It contained a bit of everything tasty: both light and dark rums, multiple tropical juices, and a pinch of cinnamon. It’s quite sizable, and you’ll be calling its name when it’s brought out to you!   Peanut Butter & Jelly Soda DF1 Where to Find It: Carnation Café on Main Street in Disneyland What It Is: They got this drink down to a science. With neither the peanut butter taste nor the grape jelly taste too overwhelming, this subtle drink will put you back your to elementary school days.   The Zombie DF3 Where to Find It: Cove Bar at Paradise Pier in California Adventure What It Is: Changing slightly depending on which bartender is on shift, The Zombie rightfully earns its name by having three to five different kinds of rum and only a splash of fruit juice. It seems as if it were made to turn you into a zombie or wake you up from zombie mode; either way, it works!   Wine and Cheese Box DF2 Where to Find It: Mendocino Terrace at Pacific Wharf in California Adventure What It Is: Considered to be one of the more “classier” snack available, the Wine and Cheese Box allows you to pair which ever wines and cheeses on the list. It even comes with a bonus: breadsticks. Enjoy on the Mendocino Terrace.   Pineapple Whip, Salted Caramel, and Strawberry Cream Flavored Churros DF5 Where to Find It: At the California Churro Cart in Downtown Disney What It Is: Regular cinnamon churros? Pshh, those deep-fried sugar sticks got absolutely nothing on these.   Matterhorn Macaroon DF4 Where to Find It: Jolly Holiday Bakery on Main Street Disneyland What It Is: This treat beautifully resembles the Matterhorn. It’s a crunchy coconut crag-like display with whipped cream on top as the snow. Simply made and uber-sweet, don’t forget to take a picture of it with the real mountain in the background!   Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Sandwich DF7 Where to Find It: Pooh’s Corner in Critter Country in Disneyland What It Is: Made in perfection, the Chocolate Cover Peanut Butter Sandwich is the ultimate Reese’s, plus cookie. It’s the perfect size with the perfect combinations of taste.   Dole Whip DF6 Where to Find It: In the Enchanted Tiki Room in Adventure Land in Disneyland What It Is: This amazing soft serve will be sure to make your happy taste buds fall crazy in love. You can also get it as a pineapple juice float. The blend of the smooth and buttery, yet tart flavors are best enjoyed very slowly so that each bite can be savored.   Beignets DF8 Where to Find It: Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square at Disneyland What It Is: This treat takes churros to the next level by being puffed and layered with powdered sugar. This Mickey-shaped pillow-like automatically put you in the Disneyland experience… or enhance it! The Jazz Kitchen versions are a bit bigger, but they are square. No fun!   Carnitas Nachos DF10 Where to Find It: White Water Snacks at The Grand Californian What It Is: Hidden within the Grand Californian is a small place called White Water Snacks. They do have snacks, but by ordering one of their Angus cheeseburgers or the shredded beef nachos. Switch it for carnitas and you’ll probably go into a food coma for a few hours.   Lobster Roll Df9 Where to Find It: Harbour Gallery in Critter Country in Disneyland What It Is: This dish is truly a hidden gem. This surprisingly good lobster sandwich is on a nice toasted roll. It’s not the best lobster roll that you’ll ever had or probably have ever had, but as far as amazing theme park food, this fits the bill.   Broasted Chicken DF11 Where to Find It: Plaza Inn on Main Street in Disneyland What It Is: This chicken is the real deal. There aren’t and turkey trumpets here. This’ll remind you of a home-style cooked meal. Both deep fried and salted to perfection, the chicken is served with seasoned green beans, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls.   Barbeque Chicken Stuffed Baked Potato DF12 Where to Find It: Harbour Gallery in Critter Country in Disneyland What It Is: Another chicken dish here, but instead of fried, it’s covered in a sweet orange glaze. Keep it from being overly sweet, try to put a bit of the chives, cole slaw, sour cream, and butter into every bite. It’s quite a challenge!   Lobster Nachos DF13 Where to Find It: Cove Bar at Paradise Pier in California Adventure What It Is: Although a pretty standard dish, the Lobster Nachos are worth mentioning because they are simply delicious. It contains lobster pieces, cheese, thick tortilla chips, and black beans. Definitely enough for four people, so bring some friends.   The Monte Cristo DF14 Where to Find It: Café Orleans in New Orleans Square in Disneyland What It Is: For the same price of the parking pass you can order the Monte Cristo. Though it’s on the expensive side, this surprisingly not-so-greasy, sugar-powdered, deep fried, ham and cheese sandwich is worth it. It’ll fill you up for the entire day, especially with the side of fruit.        

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