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10 Ways To Beat The California Heat

When the temperature rises in California, we know all you want to do is beat the heat. Since Summer is right around the corner, we thought we'd make a list to help you with that! These 10 ways to beat the California heat will help you head into summer with guaranteed ways to stay cool.

Beat the Heat

1. Take a swim

We know you've been working out to get ready for the beach, but if you can't make it to the beach, put on that new swimsuit and take a swim at your local pool or clubhouse. Make a day of it and bring a picnic lunch and invite some friends.

2. See a movie

Beat the Heat  Movie Theater Flickr-marlon-bunday There are some great movies releasing this summer and a great way to beat the California heat is to take a trip to the theater! Make sure you grab a rewards club card to your local cinema to wrack up points for free popcorn, candy, and even free tickets!

3. Go to the beach

The California coast is the perfect place to beat the heat. The breeze coming off of the ocean is sure to keep you cool. Pack a lunch and bring a Frisbee or volleyball and spend the day at the beach!

4. Hang out at Starbucks

Worried about your AC bill? Take a break from your living room and go to Starbucks to enjoy a cold beverage and free AC. Spending time at the 'Bucks will give you the perfect opportunity to do a little reading, work from home, or spend time Pinterest-planning your future wedding.

5. Visit a museum

Beat the Heat Museum Flickr-John Martinez Pavliga [UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology]

California is rich in history from the Gold Rush fields of Northern California to the incredible missions of Southern California. No matter your preference or location, take some time to beat the heat by visiting your local museum or taking a day trip out of town. It'll keep you cool and keep you in the know.

6. Take a drive

Gas prices being what they are, we don't often take the time to get out on the open road. The California summer heat may be enough of an incentive to push you out the door and into your vehicle. Roll down the windows (or put the top down) and blast some music while taking the scenic route to a cooler summer. Beat the Heat Driving From Pinterest via

7. Grab a drink

Whether it's a fruity concoction from Jamba Juice or something with a little more kick (read: margarita) one of the best ways to cool down on a hot summer day is to grab a cool drink.

8.Go out for FroYo

When the heat goes up it's time to go out. Taking a detour to your favorite FroYo (Frozen Yogurt) place to create the best topping combination is a great way to beat the heat. If you'd prefer ice cream, that's just as good. Either way, coolness will be on its way.

Beat the Heat Frozen Yogurt From Pinterest via

9.Work it out

One of the last things you'll probably want to do when the temperature goes up is work out. It can be a great way to beat the California heat if you spend time at your local gym. Some gyms offer cardio rooms with movie screens and almost any gym will have a pool. Go to the gym in the later afternoon (the hottest part of the day) and by the time you're done with your workout and swim, hopefully the temperatures will have dropped.

10. Walk the mall

Want to beat the heat but feeling the need to stretch your legs? Try walking around the mall. The AC will keep you cool and the atmosphere will keep you interested. Beat the Heat Mall From Pinterest via Cover Photo: Flickr - Digital Trav

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