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4 Most Bizarre Places in California

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Beware! We recommend you read this post only if unusual, strange and even bizarre travel destinations is what you’re looking for.   The Queen...

17 Fantastic Photos of Street Art in California

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California attracts the brightest minds in the world. Here are just a few examples of beautiful street art found in various locations throughout Ca...

Bike in San Francisco

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Check another amazing video of some great street biking in San Francisco.   

Visit and Soak up the California Sun

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1,300 miles of beautiful coast to love and explore. When's your next road trip?     1300 CALIFORNIA MILES from Brandon Lied on Vimeo.      

Check out the California Skating Scene in the 70's!

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It might make you want to grow out your hair and grab your board for a quick skate on the beach!     Photographed by Hugh Holland and original art...

We're the only state that can enjoy this in January...

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So get outside and enjoy a beautiful sunny California day at your favorite beach!    SANTA MONICA [City on the Beach] from Brandon Lied on Vimeo.

LA Nightlife, from the best view in the city!

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Never been to Downtown LA? Don't you worry, just grab a nice seat and watch this aerial tour of the city!   Source: Volny

Do All of California in a Day

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Let's be real, it isn't possible in real life to travel and enjoy all of California in one day. But watch this video and begin to dream up how you ...

7 of the Most Haunted Places in California

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Like to get a scare for a good time? California has some of the most haunted places in the country, each with it's own creepy story. Check them out...

California: A Canine's Paradise

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Humans aren't the only ones that love the West Coast, our favorite four-legged friends join in on the fun too! Check out why California is a canine...

Ballin' on a Budget: Los Angeles

by Anna Atlea
Want to explore Los Angeles, but on a tight budget? Check out these FREE things to do around the city and you will have plenty to keep you busy.   ...