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When Things Get Shaking: Earthquake Proofing Your California Home

by Anna Atlea
When things get shaking here in California the biggest question you need to ask is: Is your home earthquake-ready? We'd like to provide some great ...

5 Great Ways To Celebrate Easter in Southern California

by Anna Atlea
Easter is only a few short days away. You may find yourself entertaining guests but not having an idea of something fun to do. We all know that FUN...

Fishing For The Best Fish Tacos This Side Of The Border

by Anna Atlea
After a long day at the beach, nothing hits the spot like fish tacos with a splash of lime and cilantro. Thinking ahead to summer, we've decided to...

Blast From The Past: Best California Based TV Shows We All Remember

by Anna Atlea
We've compiled a list of some of the best California based TV shows from the past that we probably all remember. Whether you were a fan of reruns o...

Are You Ready To Take A Leap With Us?

by 6
No need to look before you leap when it comes to the LEAP program. Located in Southern California, the LEAP Foundation is dedicated to helping high...

CA Limited is Partnering With The Newport Beach Film Festival. Are you In?

by Anna Atlea
The Newport Beach Film Festival is recognized as one of the leading film festivals in the United States. We here at California Limited have the dis...

10 Ways To Beat The California Heat

by Anna Atlea
When the temperature rises in California, we know all you want to do is beat the heat. Since Summer is right around the corner, we thought we'd mak...

25 Things You Probably Don't Know About California

by Anna Atlea
This list of 25 facts about California will blow you away! We've compiled this list of facts about the beautiful state of California so you can wow...

There's An App For That: Best Apps Every Californian Should Have.

by Anna Atlea
Knowing that over half of Americans own smart phones, we've compiled a list of some of the best apps that every Californian should have! Whether it...

Best California races that will leave you breathless, dirty, and possibly fearing for your life

by Anna Atlea
We've compiled a list of the best California races to put your endurance and strength to the test. Some are just plain fun and others will push you...

20 AMAZING California Wedding Venues

by Anna Atlea
Whether you're planning a wedding right now or just Pinterest-planning your future wedding, you need to check out this list of 20 amazing Californi...

15 Amazing Disney Treats Worth the Wait

by 1
Everyone knows Disneyland is a magical place with thrill-filled rides, fantastic fireworks, awesome souvenirs, and the famous characters. What you ...