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4 Reasons Why You Should Visit the California Redwoods

by Anna Atlea
If you're a fan of being outdoors or love nature and you haven't taken the time to visit the California Redwoods, then this needs to be your next v...

Best Burgers in California

by Anna Atlea
We've posted about In-N-Out and it's true, we do love their burgers, but we know they aren't the only burger place in California. We thought we'd w...

Summer Vacation Hot Spot: Shasta Lake has everthing you'll want...and more!

by Anna Atlea
This summer, Shasta Lake should top your vacation hot spot list! There is so much to do and see that you won't be sorry you ventured to beautiful N...

Sacramento: Under the Spotlight

by 1
It may not be on top of the list for many travelers who prefer better known cities, but at a closer look California’s capital is definitely a fun...