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If you're a fan of being outdoors or love nature and you haven't taken the time to visit the California Redwoods, then this needs to be your next vacation destination. You will not only find some of the tallest trees on Earth, but a beautiful mix of prairie land,  rocky coastlines, and an abundance of wildlife. There are beautiful rivers and swimming areas as well as fantastic hiking and biking trails lined with lush greens all resting in the shade of the magnificent California Redwoods. If these descriptions haven't already convinced you to plan your next vacation to Northern California,...

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Put on some red, white, and blue and head out to see the fireworks! We've compiled a list of some of the best spots to view fireworks in California. We know cities all over California will be showing off their best and brightest fireworks. Hopefully we've included a city near you! California Firework Viewing Hot Spots Mt. Shasta See some of the best fireworks in Northern California from the Mt. Shasta Resort (a $2 fee) or sit on the beach at the Lake Siskiyou Campground. From mtshastafireworks.com Eureka Directed over Arcata Bay, the best place to view these fireworks is...

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Summer is finally here! You've packed up the car and are ready to head out on a great adventure, but you may find yourself wondering exactly where to go. North, South, the beach, the mountains...? The questions are endless. Don't worry though - California has everything (and more) that you'd want for the best summer vacation! Below you'll find 25 amazing California road trip destinations as well as some fun places to stop along the way to add to your list. California Road Trip Destinations Northern California Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City This lighthouse and museum is a great...

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California Surfing History When you think of California hobbies, the first one that probably comes to mind is surfing! Have you ever wondered what the history of California surfing is? Like how people thought to get up on boards and "ride" waves to shore was a good idea? We looked into it and wanted to give a quick snapshot of this amazing sport and long-standing California hobby. Flickr - Rian Castillo Back In The Day Looking back - and we mean way back - to 1885, we find the beginnings of a sport Californians love. We can't take the credit...

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Easter is only a few short days away. You may find yourself entertaining guests but not having an idea of something fun to do. We all know that FUN isn't far when you're living in Southern California so take a look at these 5 ways to celebrate Easter with your family and friends. Eggs, Eggs, Eggs Enjoy Easter Egg games on the beach. Take a look at this list of fun egg games we've compiled. Flickr-tina negus Classic Easter Egg Hunt - maybe not for the beach (unless you want to bury them like hidden treasure) but a good way...

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