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So everybody knows that you can go both surfing and snowboarding all in one day in California. But did you know that you could also throw in Desert boarding? You definitely would need a few extra toys to get the job done, but check out how these guys did some shredding on the dunes of Glamis. Source: Network A Youtube Channel

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"Winter" in California will soon be wrapping up, and everybody knows what that means! Only a few more chances to grab your boards (the other ones) and head up to Mammoth for some fresh powder, sun, and shredding. A short drive from anywhere in Cali, Mammoth mountain will make you forget that you are even on the West Coast. With it's beautiful scenery, amazing resorts, and plenty of runs to choose from, it's a guaranteed good time. Source: Boardworld Youtube Channel 

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The only place you can surf and snowboard in the same day...and still be wearing no shirt :)   Hypermountain /// California from HyperMountain on Vimeo.

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