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Spring break is right around the corner and Half Moon Bay Hostel at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse may be the perfect destination for you. Located 50 miles south of San Francisco and a little over a half hour north of Santa Cruz, this rustic lighthouse-turned-hostel is a memorable place to stay. Pigeon Point Light House | Flickr-James Balingit Pigeon Point Lighthouse Seated on a cliff overlooking the ocean, the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, built in 1872, was renovated by HI-USA to form the perfect hostel. Despite the age of the lighthouse, the Half Moon Bay Hostel has all the modern amenities...

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If you are a college student looking for a good time, Spring Break in California is one of the best places to go! Warm sun, sand, water, and tons of other students ready to get their party on in their bikinis will be littering the beaches. Get ready for some beach volleyball, surfing, or whatever your heart desires. How much better could it get? Some of the best beaches to visit for the perfect Spring Break parties: Venice Beach  Street performers, shopping, drum circles, endless food opportunities, and Muscle Beach. Venice is something that anybody in California should experience at...

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