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10 Mind Blowing Sushi Restaurants in Los Angeles

Food is life.

A foodie or not, every one of us has a favorite meal.

And in California, locals- even tourists, adores not just the classic American snack and dishes but also those from other countries. One of those all-time favorite is Sushi.

As we all know, sushi originated from Japan and has been a great symbol of the country’s culture and tradition. This usually have raw seafood, vegetables, tropical fruits and vinegared rice which is also called the Japanese rice.

But, why do did it became a favorite in California? Well, maybe because of the abundant supply of fresh seafood and the amazing flavor it gives. It might not be too attractive for kids, adults really seem to enjoy each piece.

With this love for sushi, the Japanese restaurants in this state really boomed.

You know us, we always want to give you the best of the best however there are just too many of them. So now, we have listed the most amazing sushi restaurants in Los Angeles- and maybe we can check out other cities next time.

Mori Sushi

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First on our list is the famous Mori Sushi. If you are a local in LA, you probably know this place. The sushi here were previously prepared by Chef Mori. Even though he does not make them anymore, this restaurant made sure that the quality and dedication is remains the same. The great thing about this place is that they serve different sushi every season to ensure that they are serving the best and the freshest. This is a Michelin Star Restaurant and that is enough to show how great this place is.

Nozawa Bar

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If you are in Beverly Hills and you want to try something new and exciting, then dry by Nozawa Bar. This bar is named under the famous founding chef Nozawa but is owned by his good friend and colleague, chef Fujita. Aside from the bar’s coziness despite its fancy look and the view of each chef creating each delicacy, the reason why people visit the place is their authentic live Japanese octopus and squid. Who wouldn’t want to experience seeing those sea creatures?! And let us not forget their eye catching and certainly delectable sushi. This place is certainly a favorite when it comes to fancy Japanese dining.

Hama Sushi

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Hama Sushi is one of the first sushi bar in Los Angeles. It has a one of a kind ambiance yet it still has the classic look of a Japanese sushi bar. Once you enter the place, you will immediately notice the ingredients lined in front of the counter table where you can eat. On the other side, you will see the chefs prepare each sushi. With its openness and the friendly feel of the place, locals and tourists started loving this place from the day they first went in. So if you want to enjoy or experience a traditional Japanese cuisine, this is the place to be in.


Image result for Sugarfish LA

There’s no need to ask why Sugarfish made it into our list. IT DESERVES TO BE A PART OF EVERY LIST! Yes, we really insisted on that because this place is home to traditional Japanese sushi in Los Angeles. Having chef Nozawa as their inspiration, they stand that each sushi served is the best. The place has the typical Japanese restaurant sitting however they managed to fused in some American style to blend with the community. Once you step in, you will immediately notice the fancy lights in the ceiling and classy tables and chairs that will truly make your stay wonderful.


Image result for Asanebo LA

If you are looking for a high end dining experience in which sushi is up front, then visit Ansanebo in Studio City. From the fact that it is a Michelin starred restaurant, there is no doubt that they are there to give you the best meals and sushi. Hollywood stars goes in and out of this place just to have a taste of their delicious food. The interior of this restaurant will make you travel to Japan. From the ceiling to all the decorations, all are traditional Japanese inspired.

Kiriko Sushi

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Kiriko Sushi is also one of the well-known sushi bar in LA. It is actually a part of several list we’ve checked. Though it is not the typical sushi bar where each sushi is lined up, it still serve mouthwatering ones. The price is not cheap though it’s not too expensive as well. Let’s just say that the food quality exceeds the price you’ll pay for it. They offer their sushi in meals for you to totally enjoy every order but if you really want it as snack, you can have it solo.

Sushi Ginza Onodera

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The highest among all high end restaurant, Sushi Ginza Odera is a place full of elegance. Well, you can also see it in their menu. The price of each sushi is quite expensive but with the feel and taste of every piece, it deserve it. Also, each plate will definitely gain several likes on your instagram feed. The price will reach about $300 a person including service charges and taxes, but before drinks. This bar has branches worldwide. In fact, before it reached LA, there are successful stores in Tokyo and Hawaii already.


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If you’re going to meet with friends and you want to have some sushi, it will be a great idea to hang out in Q. The place is as inviting as its name- simple yet extremely appealing. The brick walls and the hanging ball of lights made it very cozy and relaxing. This is a restaurant serving omakase-only Japanese meals. With this, you can really tell their dedication in giving you the Japanese classics.


Image result for Iroha LA

Iroha is an old school yet very inviting Japanese restaurant. The place is field with Asian inspired decorations. Classic ceiling fans, bamboo chairs, wooden table and a long line of simple lights is what you’ll notice right away. Those items may sound boring yet once your there, you’ll feel very comfortable as if you have no other worries. This sushi bar has been there for years and was able to stand and go along with the trend. A must try is their yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño.

Sushi Gen

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Last but definitely not the least is Sushi Gen. The lines of locals waiting for their seat in this sushi bar simply show that they are truly serving one of the best sushi in town. The great thing about it is it does not cost much and each plate is very eye catching and savory. The play of colors in each plate surely deserve an Insta post. Don’t miss out on their delicious and fresh sashimi.



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