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12 of the Best Wine Tasting Cities in California

12 of the Best Wine Tasting Cities in California

1. Paso Robles, CA

Paso Robles is a beautiful destination. Rolling hillsides, glistening vineyards, and endless wineries and cellars ready to greet visitors are just a portion of what makes Paso Robles so wonderful. Paso Robles is plentifully littered with quaint hotels and is always hosting family friendly events that are sure to keep you well accommodated and thoroughly entertained.

2. Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara county is known for their wineries; so why not visit the heart of the agriculture? Santa Barbara is proud to have developed wine tasting routes so that you don’t miss a single tasting opportunity. Santa Barbara will completely immerse you in the wine country culture.

3. Nappy Valley, CA

Napa Valley is the icon of California’s wine country. Sprawling sun-kissed vineyards, sophisticated luxurious lifestyles, and stunning mountainous backdrops are the epitome of this unforgettable location. In a place that is known first and foremost for its wine, you can feel confident that you won’t leave disappointed.

4. Sonoma Valley, CA

Boasting the same stunning landscapes as other popular wine country locales, Sonoma Valley can also add to its list of perks, its historic wine cellars. With a warm, subtly lighted ambiance, the Sonoma Valley wineries have some of the most romantic wineries and cellars in the country.

5. Santa Cruz, CA

Located on California’s central coastline, the beautiful city of Santa Cruz has some fantastic wineries. Santa Cruz wineries are more often than not, small production wineries ran by vinters who are passionate about their craft, ready to hospitably answer any questions you have while providing you a friendly tour and magnificent tasting experience. If you’re looking for a winery visit with a personal touch, Santa Cruz is the place to be.

6. Sierra Foothills, CA

With natural bucket list wonders like Yosemite and Lake Tahoe nearby, you can count on your wine tasting visit to the Sierra Foothills to include a little adventure too! A historical reminder of the once Wild West, the Sierra Foothills make a great destination for the adventurous wine connoisseur.

7. Mendocino, CA

When a place like Mendocino is graced with so many beautiful wineries, how can you choose just one? Well, you don’t have to. You see, if you register for the Mendo Insider’s Wine Tour Express, knowledgeable guides will escort you on a leisurely scenic route throughout the Mendocino wine region from winery to winery. Problem solved!

8. Temecula, CA

Temecula, a growing suburb of San Diego, is Southern California’s personal wine country. With more than 30 wineries to choose from, you can literally tailor your experience to your own personal interest and tastes.

9. San Diego, CA

San Diego is full of wonderful experiences to be had – so why not partake in some of them? San Diego offers a winery tour by train! How exciting is that? Relax and take in the view as the train rolls in to one urban winery after another. Want more? You can make a special stop to grab a bite to eat too! Win-win.

10. Escondido, CA

So - you like wine, and your significant other likes beer. Issue? Not in Escondido. Escondido is home to a long list of wineries and breweries. With an adult beverage for everyone, even the most particular of travelers is guaranteed to enjoy the trip!

11. Los Angeles, CA

Even in a bustling urban metropolis like Los Angeles, you can find great wine tasting opportunities. This is a great option for locals looking for a sophisticated and relaxed outing with family, friends, or co-workers. Make a reservation and head on over after work to unwind with a flavorful glass of your favorite wine.

12. Healdsburg, CA

Nestled within Sonoma County, Healdsburg is a more rural town. With its laid-back atmosphere and great wine selection, the trip to Healdsburg is a great escape from the urban crawl.

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