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13 reasons Southern California is better than anywhere else

Once you’ve lived in Southern California it’s pretty hard to live anywhere else. There is no other place with better food, weather, scenery & entertainment


  • I live in Pasadena and I agree we that we have easy access to beaches, snow, mountains, etc

    Charlie Rodarte on
  • But .ca has the worst people running fans need to be impeached and the worst taxes

    Kev on
  • I live in Germany, but I have friends in San Diego. Last year I visited them and did a roadtrip on the Higheay 1 /PCH, with a Mustang Cabrio. It was just awesome. Thank you California

    Luis Horn on
  • I love CA but I’m not a millionaire to live there.

    Carlos on
  • Hey no doubt Cheryl. I like the point that you can wear flip flops all year long. We’ve got some pretty impressive beach’s but southern California is pretty good too.

    Adam on

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