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9 of best places to stargaze in California

Although it may be wintertime, Californian's are lucky to have warm enough weather to still go stargazing. Grab a blanket, some hot cocoa, and check out these places to spot the constellations!
Source:   1. Borrego Springs in San Diego County Borrego Springs is an official Dark Sky Community, meaning that the city voluntarily keeps their lights low during the night. This leaves the best environment for some awesome stargazing in San Diego County.
2. Joshua Tree National Park in Riverside County
View the night sky from a huge expanse of unpolluted land. Go camping and check out the sky after dark, maybe even bring your binoculars!
3. Milpitas Wash in Imperial County
A little bit more out of the way, offering the darkest skies and a little adventure, Milpitas Wash is a good place to take your four-wheeler out to find some quiet spots to watch the stars.
4. Salton Sea in Riverside County
With a 24 hours visiting period and concrete slabs among private spots along the shore, the Salton Sea is a great place to park it with some chairs and a camera after the sun goes down to do some stargazing.
5. Malibu Creek State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains
If you are looking for somewhere more popular, Malibu Creek State Park has an upper parking lot that is great for easy access stargazing.
6. Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park
For some good urban stargazing, don't look any further than the Griffith Observatory!
7. Torrey Pines
Another place that is easily accessible is Torrey Pines State Reserve, where you will be able to stop off on the side of the road an enjoy the sky.
8. Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach
Want some coastal stargazing action? Check out Crescent Bay Beach, an enjoy a quarter mile of sandy area to stargaze from, cut off from the glare of lights from the PCH.
9. Mather Regional Park
Want to stargaze with a large group and still be able to have a full canopy view? This old airbase has very little use and 1,600 acres of open space to enjoy the sky from!


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  • Natasha. That’s Blasphemy. Nor Cal is just the over priced little brother of So Cal. #SoCalforlife

    Cory on
  • Why is this only SoCal? Why not Dixon? Or any other NorCal places?


    Natasha on
  • Maybe it’s all around easier to stargaze in NorCal? There’s so much light pollution in SoCal. I remember some pitch-black high altitude places in Stanislaus.

    Roy on

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