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You may be from Southern California if...

We love California here, but it's true that those living in Southern California say some pretty unique things. Residents in Southern California just have funny ways of acting and saying things. Just like any other state, you adapt to your surroundings. For most of Southern California, that's a laid-back, beach-culture that takes a relaxed approach to life. We've compiled a list of some of the more popular things Southern Californian's say and do. If you're from Southern California, you will definitely be able to relate to this list.

You may be from Southern California if...

You say: "I am so cold right now"

...and that's because it's below 65 degrees. Most of us living in Southern California just don't know what real cold is. Southern California Sunset

Flickr- Juliana Beletsis

You indicate directions by saying: "THE >>insert freeway number here<<"

In Southern California it's not uncommon to hear a phrase like, "Take the 5 to the 405 and get off at Sunset Blvd." We've adopted adding "the" before our freeway numbers. Don't ask why, we just do :)

Southern California Freeway

You know what Carmageddon is.

Yep. Carmageddon. It's a thing. And if you're from Southern California you've probably heard of it. A while back, the 405 Freeway was closed a few times due to construction. The residents of Los Angeles who frequently (and dependently) use the 405 termed it Carmageddon...and it was awful.

More than 75% of your closet consists of tank tops, shorts, and flip-flops.

When it's close to a 100 degrees in February, and you technically live in the desert, what else are you going to do but pack away your light sweaters and break out the tank tops?

Southern California Closet

You say "no worries" on a regular basis.

It's no secret that people in Southern California are known for being relaxed, go-with-the-flow type of people. Some would say that translates to being perpetually late, dressing casually, or having a laid back attitude toward life. We would just attribute it to a "beach-living" mentality that says, "It's all good, go with the flow." Southern California In-N-Out

Flickr-Brian Wallace

You love In-N-Out.

In-N-Out is an obsession for almost everyone who lives in Southern California. You're probably familiar with phrases like "animal style", "double double", or "protein style" and, chances are, you have an unhealthy addiction to their secret sauce.

Find yourself thinking it's "normal" to see celebrities--everywhere!

For the rest of the U.S., it's not typical to be out to lunch and see a celebrity sitting two tables away. For us in Southern California, it can be a common occurrence, especially if you hang out at Hollywood hot spots like Nobu Los Angeles, Tavern, Pizzeria Mozza, or the ever-popular Intelligentsia.

Use the word "like" more than, like, necessary in a, like, sentence.

It's true. For us in Southern California, we like the word like. It, like, naturally drops into, like, conversation. It's like, weird. Southern California Surfer


You've been called dude (no matter your gender).

This also works if you've called someone else a "dude" no matter their gender. It's common place for us in Southern California to use the term "dude" whether you're a guy or a girl. Dude, don't take offense. It's just the way we roll.

What about you? How many of these do you identify with?

Cover Photo: Flickr - Mark Eldridge


  • Dude, all but one, like. I know. Like, be prepared in carmageddon, like, have breakfast, like maybe lunch , like with you. Like relax, like put favorite tunes on. Like, well, like . We’ll get where we’re goin.

    Glenda on
  • I know why we use ‘the’ before freeway numbers – because when freeways were first created in L.A. they had names, not numbers. The Pasadena Freeway. The Hollywood Freeway. The San Bernardino Freeway. The San Diego Freeway. The Harbor Freeway. Then the government wanted us to be more in line with other cities and use the highway numbers. So we just transferred the habit. The 405. The 110. The 10, etc. Simple as that.

    Robyn McIntyre on
  • Dude, like I’m totally there. We also like find it weird that people don’t think we need to save the planet, so they don’t recycle. Like…Dude.

    Teri on
  • got it dude.

    Michele on
  • Dude, like one of my third graders called everyone dude. By mistake he like called me dude one day. He waited with bated breath, and then like shyly corrected himself. He quietly called me, Mrs. Dude. It became like a class joke for the rest of the school year, dude. I’m freezing because it’s only 64° not warm enough for shorts and t-shirts yet.

    C.P. Duran on

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