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25 of the Most Incredible Photos of California

Whether you're a California native or a summer vacation visitor, it's no secret that California has some of the most stunning views - EVER! Check out these 25 jaw-dropping, incredible photos collected from locations all over California. Be inspired to plan your next vacation or just appreciate them, but either way we know you'll agree that they show off California's beauty like nothing else!

1. Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park

Flickr-by Sven Stork Flickr by Sven Stork  

2. Zabriskie Point, Death Valley

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley Flickr by Pedro Szekely

3. Lake Marjorie, Kings Canyon National Park

Flickr-by Steve Dunleavy2 Flickr by Steve Dunleavy2

4. Mountain top in Northeastern Santee

Flickr-by slworking2-2 Flickr by slworking2

5. Half Dome

Flickr-by aiddy Flickr by aiddy

6. California Redwoods

Flickr-by Brian Hoffman Flickr by Brian Hoffman

7. Bridal Veil Falls and the Leaning Tower, Yosemite National Park

Flickr-by Rob DeGraff Flickr by Rob DeGraff

8. Portal of the Sun, Big Sur

Flickr-by Codex41 Flickr by Codex41

9. Near Red Bluff

Flickr-by Eric Leslie Flickr by Eric Leslie

10. Lundy Lake

Flickr-by Fred Moore Flickr by Fred Moore

12. Sliverado Trail, Napa Valley

Flickr-by seligmanwaite Flickr by seligmanwaite

13. The Black Divide, Kings Canyon National Park

Flickr-by Steve Dunleavy Flickr by Steve Dunleavy

14. Malibu

Flickr-by Justin Mier Flickr by Justin Mier

15. Death Valley

Death Valley, California Flickr by Pedro Szekely

17. Aspen Grove, June Lake

Flickr-by praphulm Flickr by praphulm

18. San Clemente Pier

Flickr-by Cameron Photo Flickr by Cameron Photo

19. Napa Valley

Flickr-by Mark Leary Flickr by Mark Leary

20. Silver Lake

Flickr-by Howard Ignatius Flickr by Howard Ignatius

21. San Buenaventura State Beach, Oxnard

Flickr-by Jeff Turner Flickr by Jeff Turner

22. Mt. Tamalpais State Park

Flickr-David Yu Flickr by David Yu

23. Bridal Veil Falls and Cathedral Rocks

Flickr-by Chuq Von Flickr by Chuq Von

24. Marin County

Flickr-Patrick Smith Flickr by Patrick Smith

25. The Milky Way Mount Laguna

Flickr-by slworking2 Flickr by slworking2 Did we convince you with these incredible photos of California beauty? Are you planning your next vacation already? Have you visited any of these areas before? Leave us a note in the comments below! Cover Photo: Top of Nevada Fall from Flickr by Nietnagel


  • These picture illustrate a few of the reasons I love my state so much! We have unparalleled natural splendor!

    Debaditya Bhattacharjee on
  • California is gorgeous I invite everyone to come visit this beautiful state. Come visit the Santa Catalina. Islands in. Avalon.

    Jimmy Forano on
  • These pictures are absolutely fantastic. Shows how beautiful California is.

    Mady Mitchell on

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