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15 Neighborhood That Decorate Their Street During Christmas

15 Neighborhood That Decorate Their Street During Christmas

Christmas might be one of the busiest holidays of all time. Why? Because his is when almost all of us are doing something, some are busy thinking of what to cook, some are starting to buy their gifts, some are decorating their Christmas trees and some are decorating their homes. Well, aside from being the busiest time, it might also be one of the most colorful and musical night of the year.

It is really rare to see a dull and dark place during this season. When we go out of our houses at night, we can see all types and color of Christmas lights that is available. Some make it more special by adding characters outside their doorstep, a lighting snowman, candy cane, Santa Clause and all things that may represent the holidays. This lights are accompanied by music, it may be from the lights itself or from some of the housed in the neighborhood that enjoys listening to the warmth that every Christmas song can give its listeners.

Did you know that there are neighborhood streets in California that decorate their streets? Well, this are not your typical light display but over the top decorations that will certainly mesmerize and amaze you. If you haven’t been able to see one, we have made a list of some streets that are lightened up during the holiday season that is waiting for you to visit them.

1. El Segunda Candy Cane Lane

Image result for El Segundo Candy Cane Lane

The tradition begins since 1949 where in 26 homes are decorated during this holiday season. Well, that will surely be a colorful street. Houses are decorated and light up with trains, reindeer, horses and anything that will give it a more Christmas feel. Add to that are the music that is playing.

2. Christmas Tree Lane, Long Beach

Image result for Christmas Tree Lane, Long Beach

During the mid-December, Daisy Avenues lightens 23 decorated Christmas trees. This event started during 1953 and has become an annual practice of the place. There will be parade as well where anyone can join as long as you’ll add color to the parade. During weekends, there is also a Musical entertainment that will surely make feel that Christmas is really nearby.

3. Venice Canals, Marina del Rey

Image result for Venice Canals, Marina del Rey christmas

During the holiday, it is not just the houses along the area are decorated but also the boats as the place held an annual Holiday Boat Parade. Here, you’ll see boats of different sizes lightened up and decorated with beautiful and colorful lights.

4. Hastings Ranch, Pasadena

Image result for Hastings Ranch, Pasadena

The tradition started on 1957 where each block in the neighborhood decorates their houses to a theme. Aside from the lights, carolers and musicians entertain guests as well.

5. Christmas Tree Lane, San Marino

Image result for Christmas Tree Lane, San Marino
This street is a sister street of the Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena. These street is said to be more colorful as the houses are lightened up as well. Homeowners are really into decorating their homes all out during the holidays.

6. Sleepy Hollow, Torrance

Image result for Sleepy Hollow, Torrance

This remote place has been decorating the neighborhood as a tradition for 40 years now. Though it’s a bit far from the freeways, the trip will really be worth it as the old country feels adds to the beauty of the decorations.

7. Candy Cane Lane, Woodland Hills

Image result for Candy Cane Lane, Woodland Hills

This is an eight square block full of lights and gorgeous Christmas figures. You may drive along the street but take note that it is on slow traffic. Well, you might be thankful that the traffic is slow because you’ll be able to enjoy these amazing sight.

8. The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, Dana Point

Image result for The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, Dana Point christmas

There is a 50 foot Noble Fir surrounded by 35,000 lights that will welcome you as you approach the place. But that’s not all as here are hundred thousand lights around the place as well.

9. Cruise of Lights, Huntington Beach

Image result for Cruise of Lights, Huntington Beach

Boats, streets and houses shines at night at this area as this is a yearly competition on the area. Everyone wants to win the trophy so expect extravagant decors on the place.

10. Christmas Tree Lane, Altadena

Image result for Christmas Tree Lane, Altadena

The tradition started since 1920 where in Altadena's famous Deodar cedar trees have been lit with festive strings of holiday lights. This is recognized as the oldest large-scale outdoor Christmas display in the world.

11. Balian House, Altadena

Image result for Balian House, Altadena

This is a home to one of the famous ice cream manufacturer. During the holidays, this 3.5 acre estate is decorated with 10,000 lights and other holiday depictions. The place is amazing at night but is also beautiful during the day.

12. Canals of Naples, Long Beach

Image result for Canals of Naples, Long Beach

When you cruise along the place, you’ll be able to see the beautifully decorated housed along the waterfronts. This will add to the romantic ambiance during your dinner with your loved one.

13. Block-long Light Tunnel, Reseda

Image result for Light Tunnel, Reseda

The tunnels connect the sidewalk on both sides of the street and outspread almost to the entire block. You must not be afraid to walk through the tunnels as this tunnels are not your normal dark and quiet place but a tunnel of amazing lights.

14. Los Angeles Harbor Boat Parade, San Pedro

Image result for Los Angeles Harbor Boat Parade, San Pedro

You will be able to view decorated boats along this harbor.

15. Old Towne Orange

Image result for old towne orange christmas lights

This is one of Southern California’s classic places. It is considered as an antique capitol but this place is also an eye catcher during Christmas. The place is surrounded by ribbons, wreaths, lights and a lot more decorations. You might even bump into Christmas carolers that are strolling around the streets.


  • Willow Glen area in San Jose. Beautiful neighborhood.

    susan cochran on
  • Clark Avenue in Lancaster is spectacular

    Michael L on
  • Who proofreads your articles? Yeeesh.

    Patti on
  • This is clearly meant to highlight neighborhoods in s selectively small geographical area of Southrrn California! There are many many more fantastic and well known decorated neighborhoods outside of the greater Los Angeles area!

    Prekteacher on
  • Christmas Tree lane in Fresno has been going for 95 years. Not to mention one of the houses was featured and won on the national t.v. show "The great Christmas light fight!

    Raylene on

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