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20 California restaurants that Make Better Pizza than New York

Pizza is almost everyone’s favorite.

It is loaded with different ingredients that made each bite different from another. Some love it with simple pizza sauce and chewy cheese but some wants it loaded with toppings like peperoni, bell peppers, olives, herbs and more. But in whatever way you want it, it will definitely be whimsical.

In the United States, the most popular place to find pizza is in New York. But our most loved California won’t miss out! There are several diner’s that create better pizza than New York! The only thing you need to do is find them!

But, we don’t want you to take the long and hard way just to find them so we took a step ahead and searched for them ourselves. And today is the greatest day to introduce the stores to you.

The list is not arrange on which one is the best because all of them offer something different yet truly tasty.

So now, sit back and be ready for a mouthwatering treat!

TJ’s Woodfire Pizza

Image result for TJ’s Woodfire Pizza

If you want a classic Neapolitan, New York, Sicilian pizza then TJ’s is the place to go. From the success of their food truck, they opened a cozy diner in Orange County. From that, they became OC’s top pizza place.

Manhattan Pizzeria

Image result for Manhattan Pizzeria

When in LA and you want a New York Style pizza, then search for Manhattan Pizzeria. This is just a small joint that is a little laid back but each slice of pizza offers a taste of goodness.

800 Degrees

Image result for 800 degrees neapolitan pizzeria

800 degrees is the go to place of the locals when it comes to pizza. This place make sure that they serve locally sourced and organic ingredients to give the best flavors in their pizza.

Pizzetta 211

Image result for Pizzetta 211

If you are looking for something different every time you order, then Pizzetta 211 will be your favorite place to go. Their menu is very limited and changes to compliment the season. But they have 3 classics that is available all year round.


Image result for brick pizzeria california

Brick is popular for their pork menu but they also create Neapolitan Pizza that is really amazing. A must try is their Care Pizza that is one of a kind and extremely meaty and flavorful.


Image result for vito’s pizza california

For East Cost style pizza, the best recommended is Vito’s. Their original La Cienega is so yummy that people goes back for it since the day they opened their doors. Vito’s is starting to have branches around the state.

Arizmendi Bakery

Image result for Arizmendi Bakery california

A place known for their yummy pastries is also popular for their daily vegetarian pizza slices. This is the perfect place for those who are always on the go and wanted a slice of pizza while on the road.

Pizzeria Sapori

Image result for Pizzeria Sapori california

Another diner that serves Neapolitan pizza at its best is Pizzeria Sapori. What more? They have authentic creation that you shouldn’t miss! But if you want a classic, then their Marinara pizza is a must try.

Prime Pizza

Image result for Prime Pizza california

In prime Pizza, they make sure that each ingredients are carefully picked not just to ensure its quality and safety but also to give an outstanding taste to the food that they offer. Go and visit them at Fairfax Ave. soon.

A Slice of New York

Image result for A Slice of New York california

A Slice of New York located in Sunnyvale is the perfect place to get New York style pizza at its best. They also serve garlic knots and beer and their NY graffiti walls certainly gave it an impeccable NY vibe.

Little Star Pizza

Image result for Little Star Pizza california

A real pizza star is Little Star Pizza. Well, it already have several branches in the United States so you can already tell how great their pizza are. This lively place is a perfect spot for casual pizza dinner with the whole family.


Image result for Rances pizza california

A place to enjoy Chicago style pizza is Rance’s. The store offer the biggest and most popular Chicago pizza that have different flavors but all are tasty. You can also try their house special pizza.

Village Pizzeria

Image result for Village Pizzeria california

A great bonding place for the young ones and the kids at heart is Village Pizzeria. The place is filled with old-school stuff that are quite interesting. What to get here is their New York style pizza. You won’t regret ordering it.


Image result for A16 pizza california

Try A 16 along Bay Area and you will surely love it. This is a pioneer place for Neapolitan pizza around the place. You may choose the best wine to pair with your pizza as well.

Pizzeria Mozza

Image result for Pizzeria Mozza california

Pineapple on pizza? Some might not like it but Pizzaria Mozza made it one of their best item. You should not miss it out. Their dough is extra ordinary as it is molded based on the texture and taste of the top pizza styles.

Superfine Pizza

Image result for Superfine Pizza california

This is truly a place for superfine and extremely good pizza. It’s owner made sure that they will offer something far different from New York style pizza. What they did was mixed this with Neapolitan style pizza.

Abbot’s Pizza Company

Image result for Abbot’s Pizza Company california

Abbot’s Pizza Company is a place to find the simplest to the grandest pizza slices. They offer and use offbeat ingredients that you won’t usually find in a pizza but will certainly be out of this world.

Golden Boy Pizza

Image result for Golden Boy Pizza california

Square cut pie is what made Golden Boy Pizza very popular. They made sure that each pizza has crispy edges, no sogginess, and that there will be toppings all over the pie. No dull and flavorless bite.

Stag Bar & Kitchen

Image result for Stag Bar & Kitchen california

Stag Bar make sure that each slice of pizza is superb and made from the freshest ingredients they can find. Their white pizza with mushrooms, jalapenos and olives is the best in the state and you won’t find it anywhere else.


Image result for Pizzanista! california

Last on the list is a traditional favorite – Pizzanista! This shop is dark and loud that made it perfect for the young ones who are in for some punk rock. Their New Your style pizza will truly be bursting with flavor.



  • Apparently none of these people. Have never been to NY/NJ area. No, and I mean no Cali pizza can touch a NY pie. Bronx pizza is the best around here n SD. it doesn’t compare with the east coast boys

    Carl on
  • 2145 Eats in Costa Mesa has the best pizza in town…quaint place converted from a old gas station…love it!!

    Duann Tanner on
  • Mountain Mikes Pizza is hands down the best in California!

    Carol on
  • Sgt. Pepperoni’s in Newport Beach is hands down the best.

    Breanna on
  • Being a person of Northern Italian decent, HATE NY style pizza. Go to Italy and you will NOT find thick crusted pizza. Thin crust, lightly smeared with tomato and some mozzarella cheese and basil. Not the thick crusted, gloopy, gloppy blob of tomato and too much cheese.

    Kathleen Dragovich on

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