A Big Fluffy Goodness!

A Big Fluffy Goodness!

A Big Fluffy Goodness!

Marshmallow is one of the most liked sweets for ages. It may be the fluffiest candy of them all! Its fluffiness plus its sweet taste is really something you don’t want to resist eating. Since it is really one good candy, people was able to discover other uses for it. Nowadays, we can find marshmallow on top of our favorite dessert, or even on our coffee. Well, it is most famous in s’mores. Yummy! Just saying the word s’mores makes everyone thing of that deliciously sandwiched marshmallow with chocolate in between good biscuits! Marshmallow is really one of the most famous sweets indeed!

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Did you know that marshmallow had been enjoyed by people back from thousands of years ago? Also, would you believe that it marshmallow was actually a plant? Well, believe it or not, it really was. Althaea officinal is is a plant that grows mostly in western Asia and Europe. It is a member of the mallow family that mostly grows in marshy area, now you know where the name is from. Today, marshmallow is made from different ingredients, items that you can easily find in your local grocery store. This made this sweet treat available for everyone, as you may now be able to buy it in pack and ready to eat or use or make your own with your favorite flavor and/or color.

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California will never be left out when it comes to delicious treats, especially on marshmallow. Did you know that there’s a store selling gourmet and giant marshmallow? When we say giant, it really is one big cylinder of fluffy and sweet goodness! Plush Puff Hand Crafted Marshmallow simply started from a child’s desire to taste a new flavour in marshmallow, a pumpkin marshmallow because it was Halloween that day. His mom, together with another chef mom, tried several times before the desired taste and quality of marshmallow was achieved, then, Plush Puff was born. The fact that all the current ingredients for marshmallow are now accessible really helped out in creating this first Plush Puff flavor. Then, the owners never stopped creating new taste for this treat. The even made another variety of the original pumpkin marshmallow. You might think that their creations are too much for your taste buds, no worries, all of these flavors undergone taste test. Well, they can’t even resist having to taste only one of each.

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What makes their marshmallow special? Their creators are dedicated artisan of marshmallow product, with this you can assure that this is not just a profitable business for them but it is run with passion to create new, unique and delicious marshmallow. Aside from these, their marshmallow are made of all-natural ingredients. You might thing that all marshmallows are made of natural ingredients, but they’re not and you’ll be able to see that on the packaging. Aside from that, their marshmallows are not just colorful on the outside but you will really be able to taste the different flavors on each different type of marshmallow. They also made sure that this will not be just good to be eaten right from the pack but will be even better when you toast it or melt it in your coffee.

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Plush Puff is the goal of offering the highest quality, all-natural, and deliciously flavoured marshmallow. They want to make sure that melting or roasting it will give you the most amazing experience in eating this treat. They want to provide a product that delights the senses. We can say that as of now, they are really on the right track. Their shop was featured in Food Network due to their “Big one- Giant Marshmallow.” This is real. They really have a giant marshmallow and it weighs 2lbs. These giant treat is fully edible so no part of it will be put to waste. Some bus this giant marshmallow for giant s’mores! Hmmmmm! That seems to be so tasty! Some also use it for gluten free cake option. This giant comes in different flavors, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Chipetta, and Peppi-Mint.

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They also offer a 2lb bag of marshmallow that have different choices of flavor. If you thing 2lbs is too much for you or you want to buy many different flavors in small quantities, that’s not a problem because they have it in 4oz packs. These flavors are so unique that you might want to try them all! Who would have thought that a marshmallow can have a caramel swirl? There’s also a Chocolate Chipetta that has real chocolate chips! They also have s’mores! But it’s not your regular s’mores because the graham is already mixed with the marshmallow! Isn’t these all worth a try? You may buy their marshmallow online or with their several resellers in California! Go and have a taste of this fluffy goodness!

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