A Bouncy Playground for All Ages!

A Bouncy Playground for All Ages!

A Bouncy Playground for All Ages!

Have you ever dreamt of being able to fly or jump so high to reach the sky? Who didn’t? Those superheroes are one of our first idols. When asked of who they want to be when they grow up, some says that they wanted to be like Superman, or Ironman or any superheroes they grew up watching. But as they grow old they tend to know what is real and what is not. Yet, let’s admit that from time to time we still wonder how will it feel if we can fly? Though there are airplanes that allows us to view the land while flying in the sky, it will still be amazing to be able to do it every single day!

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Since flying high seems to be impossible as of the moment, but we know that as technology improves it may happen, jumping high will be the closest thing we can do to reach higher. Trampoline is the tool we can use for us to be able to jump higher that we normally do. Some may thing that the fabric is stretchable but it’s not. The elasticity is provided by the springs that connect it to the frame, which store potential energy that allows you to reach higher every you exert additional force when you fall down to the fabric.

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Nowadays, trampolines are used not just as a backyard playground. Some puts net around it and fill it with small balls that will work like a ball pit for kids to play in. The cool thing is, it will not just be full of balls but will be a bouncy pit as well. Aside from entertainment, it is also used in competitive sports and some cross training for other sports.

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Since trampoline can be a source of entertainment and is also a good way of exercising, wouldn’t it be nice to have an entire place full with it? Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, bouncing all the time! Well, since bouncing is next to flying and it’s really a fun thing to do, there are several trampoline playhouse or parks that are opening almost everywhere! California will never be left behind when it comes to trendy place, activity, food and everything so we guess you now know that they also have one huge trampoline playhouse in their state!

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House of Air Adrenaline Park can be found in two cities in California. There is one in San Francisco and one in Carlsbad. House of Air is an indoor Adrenaline park open not just for athletes or adults but for anyone, young or old as long as jumping is your passion. Inside the place there are several attractions. They have the Open Jump where you can continuously jump up and down and even sideways since it is with angled trampoline walls as well. Wouldn’t that be fun? Jump until you drop! But if you’re going to the place with friends or the whole family, you might want to try their Trampoline Dodgeball! These might be the best sport invented in trampolines! Jump as high as you can to avoid being hit by the ball! Who knows, this might be the best training ground for you or your kids to be able to enter the dodgeball leagues! Besides, big dreams starts from small beginnings right?! For the kids, there is also a designated area for them to avoid accidents. The area is for kids 3-6 years old.

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Aside from this activities, there’s also a place where you can do some wall climbing on their auto-belay rock tower. If you’re in the place to improve your aerial skills, no worries, they also have professional trainers to guide and help you out. After some time in this place, you might learn some new exhibition tricks while on air! Isn’t that nice?! But, jumping on trampolines can also be hazardous so make sure you follow all the rules on the place. It wouldn’t be fun if you’ll get hurt right?! Always remember that your safety will always be the priority and that place knows that as well so they have created set of rules to follow to protect their guest.

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Just in case you want to join their training camps and classes, you may visit their site for their schedule and for tickets as well. Just in case you want to celebrate your birthday or a reunion here, you may do so all well, just contact them for parties and events. Happy Bouncing!

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