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A Buzzing Place in the City

A Buzzing Place in the City

San Diego is really one awesome city in California as it holds a lot of wonderful beaches. In fact, when talking about the said city, its gorgeous beaches and amazing waves is the first thing that comes in mind –especially with tourists. Well, the city is not all about the beaches as its 325.19 sq mi land area also houses several other attractions- from museum, parks, zoo and a lot more!

Who would have thought that in one of California’s major city you will find a bee farm? Yes, the city has a place with a lot of bee hives and tons of bee! We know you’re curious and wanted to know the place better, the sweet place is the Girl Next Door Honey. Just by the name you’ll be able to imagine what the place has in stored for its guests.

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Girl Next Door Honey takes adults and kids into the heart of a beehive! The place will just give you a simple neighborhood feel as it’s really its concept and mission. You might be worried that the bees might not last long in the city life but with the help of networks of backyard hives they were able to integrate them with the local ecosystem. Knowing that, it’s safe to say that the place and the bees will be buzzing around for a longer period of time. If you’re thinking that the bee might be having a hard time adjusting, no worries, they can assure you that the bees are living as natural as possible and the great thing is that their benefits to the society will be able to reach more.

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Aside from the honey that is offered on the place, they also conduct beekeeping classes and workshops, one-on-one consulting, a host-a-hive program, kid’s bee presentations and perform live bee removals. Isn’t that exciting! You’ll be learning a lot more about bees while being able to interact with them. With this activity, people will understand the life of a bee more than what they learned from school and what is shown on the television.

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We know you wanted to know who the brilliant owner of the place is, she is Hilary Kearney. Hillary is a full time beekeeper in her hometown of San Diego. This lady is very hands on with her business as she will really be the one to explain to you how these tiny, yet powerful creatures work and live. Hey, there is no good business without a good businessman/woman, and Hillary just proved it. This brilliant lady had been able to make her hobby in to a business that benefits not just her most loved bees but the people around her as well.

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The place is conducting a beehive tour which will suit those who just wanted to see the place and the bees with no intent of really becoming a beekeeper. But hey, this tour is really inspiring because there are some that went in that does not really plan to become a bee keeper but after the trip decided to host a hive in their backyard and become bee keepers themselves. Well, those who became interested in becoming a beekeeper also attended the beekeeping classes that the place also offers.

Aside from a tour in the place and the classes, the business also offer live bee removal. You may contact them if ever you see a hive near you and you’re worried that it might fall or be ruined by the weather, and they will go to the place and remove it there. Collected bees and swarms are relocated so that the bees can lead happy, healthful lives in a new space where they aren’t a trouble to anyone.

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Well now, if you want to visit the place and have a tour, the tour fee is $39 per person. This fee includes a 2 hours hands on tour. If you’re worried that the bees will sting you, that is not a problem anymore as the fee also include a bee suit and BYO gloves. But, if you want to bring your kids in to have a look at the bees as well, only children 8 and above are the only ones permitted. Aside from knowledge, you’ll also be able to bring something home as their shop offers posters, books, notebooks, shirts and their delicious raw honey! We hope you’ll enjoy your visit in these buzzing place.

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