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California’s Best Kept Secret = DUI Fries!!!

A Dish that is One of California’s Best Kept Secret

Craving for something good? Well, who would resist a delicious fries? Fries might be the best partner to a burger. It gives such soft and crispy feel in every bite that actually make it interesting to it. Add do that is the mix of saltiness and the innate taste of a potato. Paired or not, or may it be thinly or thickly sliced, fries might always be one of the most favorite snack of everyone- age, size, and nationality doesn’t matter.
Have you ever thought of eating a fries and a cheese burger in one bite? Sound hard right? Who would be able to fit a burger and a fries at his mouth at the same time?! Well, there are food chains and stalls in California made that possible. Yes, they really did and this type of dish is most popularly known in California as DUI Fries. Some may call it Loco Fries or pastrami or the ever so popular carne asada. No matter what you call it, this one greasy meal is really worth a try!

A DUI fries is made of, of course a French fries as its base, topped with a mixed of carne asada and pastrami that is then topped with some deliciously melted cheese! Isn’t that one exciting mixture or taste and texture? It will really give your taste buds some challenge as flavors burst out in every bite. Seem so thrilling right? Well, here are two chains that serves DUI Fries in California that you’ll surely want to visit.

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These might not be seen upright at Dino’s Chicken and Burgers, but when you ask for it, they’ll surely make you one death defying calorie kingdom that you’ll definitely love no matter what! Will you believe that this meal had been offered in their Pico Rivera location for 10 years now?! What have we been doing the past years that made us missed out this incredible thing!


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Ten years is ten years right? But wait, if you’ll search for the original, it will bring you across Dino’s Chicken and Burger, and will introduce to Jim's Super Burger. Isn’t Pico Rivera one lucky place to have two of the restaurants that offer this incredible treat?! On an article, owner Robert Stavrakis said, "The DUI was created by us and our customers over 20 years ago." That’s like what?! Most had been missing out the fun that this meal give for 20 years now!

Have you been looking for the meaning of DUI while reading this? Well, according to its owner, some regulars wanted to name some item on their menu, and it should be a mix of their fried dishes. At first, they already have a pastrami fries then customers suggested to add some carne asada that made it an item on the list! Since the restaurant is a hit at night for bar goers, they decided to go with the name, "Dining Under the Influence Fries."

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As of now, Jim’s Super Burger is continuous in reinventing and discovering new flavors for DUI Fries. They currently offer a Breakfast DUI fries that is like California’s favorite breakfast burrito but without the tortilla. The Breakfast DUI fries contains melted chili cheese, scrambled eggs with chorizo, crispy chopped bacon, and pieces of savory chopped sausage for additional flavor. Isn’t this one meaty breakfast that is surely a great way to start the day with?! A protein full dish that will give you the energy for the entire day.

Well, we know that this restaurants- no matter where or who really started it- will never stop in creating new flavour for their DUI fries. With that, and the slowly increasing popularity of the dish, we can say that DUI fries will be offered for more years to come. As one of California’s well-kept secret dishes, this one deserves to be introduced and reach more people. But, we do understand that not all have time to visit the place so better yet try making one as home as its ingredients are some typical items on the market. We are sure that the entire family would love to join the fun in creating this meal and who knows, you might be able to create new and incredible flavors for DUI fries that might be worth some recognition.

Just to remind everyone, this is one meal that will make you ask a nurse for your blood pressure check or look for your maintenance so if you want to try it, make sure you’ll eat less after this one.

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