A Fusion of Pizza and Burger in Los Angeles

A Fusion of Pizza and Burger in Los Angeles

A Fusion of Pizza and Burger in Los Angeles

People always love eating, who doesn’t? Even those who are on a fitness diet has there cheat days right?! It’s always satisfying to be able to fill our stomach with something really good. It’s like, there are times that we are really hungry but we are still looking for something specific that if we won’t be able to have it we will still feel hungry. Cravings bro! Cravings! There are times that we crave for something because it’s been a long time since we had it, sometimes we crave for it just because it’s really delicious and the week can’t be over without having a taste of it. But there are times that we crave for something because we saw it in social media. We get attracted to how it looks and the description that the video or the post is saying. Some are really delicious but there are some that is just good to look at, let’s admit that.

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When it comes to burgers, we wouldn’t want to be disappointed. Especially because of the fact that this was said to be originated from the United States. Also, there are a lot of stores selling burgers, from popular fast food chains to fancy restaurants to food trucks, so if you’re burger is not good enough customers might not buy from you ever again because they have other stores to buy it from. But since the power of social media advertising is really strong, a way to attract customers nowadays is by making your food unique, delicious to look at and advertise it in social media. But still, make sure that once customers arrive, the food will be as good as it looks! Well, a restaurant in Los Angeles is really aware of this fact so they came up with something that you might not be able to resist, Meatzza! You burger bun is extremely out of the ordinary because its pizza!

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Meatzilla, located at 646 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA, was created to support and fulfill the cravings of those in LA who are looking for classic burgers. And they also made sure that the price is affordable but is still with quality. The business started out with the name Meathead but eventually changed its name to after a few months. But, no matter what the name is, their tasty burgers still remained, and that is what’s important. The store is keeping it laid back with their hand pressed Angus Chuck beef patties, fresh ingredients and home-made sauces.

Image result for meatzilla pizza burgerhttps://dtlaexplorer.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/what-do-you-get-when-you-cross-a-hamburger-and-a-pizza-find-out-at-meatzilla-in-dtla/

We know you’re wondering where the Meatzza we are talking about is, well it is all over the store. Yes, every burger is available in Meatzza style! It’ll be choosing at your own risk but no worries, everything is really good at this place. If you think you made a wrong decision when you changed your bun into a pizza, just wait until you try it because you might not regret having it. These mini-pizza bun is actually made from the ordinary burger bun. What made it different is that it was covered with tomato sauce, Muenster and Mozzarella cheese and topped with mini peperoni’s as well to give it a complete pizza look and taste! Trying this bun out will be a great fusion of taste and flavor in every bite without making it taste over powering.

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Since all burgers can be turned to Meatzza Style, wouldn’t you want to try their BEEF! BEEF! Burger? This burger is already a double burger. Double beef and double cheese and turning it into a meatzza will be something extreme! Why? Well, when would be a double burger plus a pizza be ordinary? This is still actually a normal mix at the store because there are other flavors here that you might want to try. They have Kimchi in some of their burgers, wouldn’t that be exciting to try with a pizza bun?! You might also want to try the spicy burgers, this time there’s no need for you to get a chili sauce for your pizza!

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Whatever you choose, whether you like it in the ordinary bun or with a pizza bun, whatever flavor of burger you choose, its fine. Eating will always be an adventure. There will always be new discoveries so why not discover it now and you might be able to create a unique flavor of your own as time passes by.

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