A Magical Holiday Ride

A Magical Holiday Ride

A Magical Holiday Ride


This holiday, everyone is looking for something special to do and enjoy with the whole family. A few days out of town stay or even a day trip will do as long as the whole family will have fun and you will have a good bonding experience this holiday. Those who have enough time and money wander around different places or will stay at a nice hotel in a beautiful town and enjoy the amenities that the place has to offer. It is a great experience since the whole family gets to discover something new and will really have some time off from all the city stress and if you’re in a hotel somebody will be serving you from time to time. But let’s admit that there are some that does not have enough budget and time to do so. Luckily, there are really a lot of places to visit in California. There are places which are a few cities away where you can enjoy a wonderful day tour or there might even be a great place in your own town which you can spend the entire day at or you might even be able to visit a more than once a week.

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Since California is really rich in beautiful destination and attractions, it will really be up to you to choose wherever you want to go. If you want to experience touring a town without the need for you to drive around it and be inside a train that has been decorated with beautiful lights to make your ride magical, there is a place in California where you can do so! The Niles Canyon Train of Lights is the one we are talking about. Well, this is known to most people in California as this is one of the most popular and respected event in San Francisco Bay Area. This train ride is really something so magical that you might not want to go down. The ride will tour you around the beautiful Niles Canyon in the South Bay. So it will not just be the beautiful lights of the train that you will see but also the wonderful surrounding of the place.

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The Train of Lights had been an annual tradition in the place. Its unique night trip in a fully decorated train makes this ride exciting. With one departure from Niles at dusk and a second departure from Sunol after dark, you can choose your favorite time to ride. For you to be able to arrive on time, here’s the schedule: trains depart from Niles at 4:30PM and Sunol at 7:30PM every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the holiday season (except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). Seems like the time is too early for you to appreciate the train’s light? No worries, it’s just perfect! It is really scheduled that way so that you can enjoy the scenery in Niles Canyon but when it’s time to return, it is already dark enough to see the fascinating lights! Isn’t that amazing? The kids will also be thrilled once they see Santa Clause appear during their train ride! Isn’t that a great holiday treat for the whole family?!

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The train is decorated not just on the outside but also on the inside. There are lights, garlands and wreaths inside that will add to the Christmas feel to your train ride. We know you’re excited to ride this train but wait, you must buy a ticket first! Tickets will depend on which part of the train you want to seat. The coach cost $30, there’s also a first class dome or parlor both cost $50 and if you want your own private caboose, it will cost $600. Our Santa Fe cabooses provide a special ride for groups of up to 24 people. So if you want to travel in a group, this will be a good option but there are no bathrooms here and no access to other part of the train as well. You may buy and reserve online for all departures, the fees covers round trip already. Since this was a popular place, make sure you’ll book early.

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Here are some things to remember when you have book a ride:

  • Check your boarding location before leaving home so you go to the correct location for your departure.
  • Trains leave on time, so arrive early. Boarding begins about 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, so please be at the station and parked at least a half hour before your departure so you have time to pick up your tickets and board.
  • They board and seat passengers with special needs first, so if you need assistance boarding, you should arrive even earlier, and mention your needs to the train crew when you arrive.
  • Parking lots are located at our boarding areas at Niles Station and Sunol Depot. There is limited ADA parking, so arrive early and have your placard visible.  Large vehicles (Larger pick-up trucks, RVs, etc.) must park further away, so if you have a large vehicle, arrive even earlier.


You may visit their site for more instructions regarding this magical trip! Enjoy your ride!


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