A Restaurant in Long Beach That Will Give You A View Of the Pacific

A Restaurant in Long Beach That Will Give You A View Of the Pacific

A Restaurant in Long Beach That Will Give You A View Of the Pacific

When dining is, aside from good food, the restaurants location and view is very important. This might be one of the top requirement when it comes to romantic dinners. Why? Maybe because aside from the food and the ambiance, the view gives a more dramatic or sincere feeling. When the view is overlooking the beach at day time, it somehow gives us a feeling of relaxation and calmness. During the night, the beach view is like saying that we need to go outside, lay down on the sand, look at the stars and reminisce the most special moments or memories. Well, that’s just for the beach view, there are several other locations in which a restaurant may give a very scenic view. Nowadays there our restaurants that will make you feel cozy as its ambiance and view gives you the feeling that you are just on your garden or in your lawn while enjoying, while there are some that will bring us back in time. This restaurants have different target market that’s why they tend to look and give the best ambiance to their target customers. Aside from target markets, they also have target occasions, some prefer to be a daily hang out place or for romantic dinners.

In California, we will be able to find several restaurants with different views and ambiance. Since the state is naturally beautiful, it is not hard to find a good location for these restaurants and the view that they want to have. If you’re looking for a good place where you can have a romantic dinner, there may be a lot in California but if you want something that will also show the beauty California, the Sky Room is well recommended.

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Sky Room is located at the top of the historic Breakers Hotel and is considered the best restaurant in Long Beach, CA. The fact that it is considered the best simply means that you won’t have to worry about how good their food is besides the gorgeous view. The hotel was originally built since 1926. Since its opening, the Sky Room had continued to be the best restaurant that is loved not just by local guest but also by some known personalities such as Hollywood stars, Politician and other notable personalities of all time.

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When restaurateur Bernard Rosenson acquired Beakers in 1997, he immediately supervised the complete restoration of the place, including the Sky Room. The restaurant reopened on February 1978. And even when it was restored and some changes had been done, the number of its regular guests still continued to increase and even the list of celebrity customers lengthen. Aside from guest, occasions celebrated in the place also increased. According to Mr. Rosenson, there was no day that passed by that they do not have customers that are either celebrating their anniversaries, or their first date. This just proves how romantic the ambiance of the place is.

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Once you arrive, the first thing that will get your attention is its alluring red stairs. The classic red stairs will make you feel like you’re on the red carpet entrance of a special Hollywood event! Also, this will immediately make you expect for something more delightful inside. You won’t be disappointed once you enter because once you sit down it will give you a 360-degree view of the Pacific Ocean and the downtown Long Beach city skyline. The view is enhanced by the city lights at night making you feel that you are really on top of the world, away from all the stress and problems. This will make you enjoy more every single moment you are spending with the person you are with.

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A good view should be matched with delicious food. The Sky Room is proud to say that they can provide you the perfect meal on your special night. Their salad is something that will make you say that it will be one of the most wonderful dines of your life. Their plating makes is more remarkable as their meals are arranged in the most picturesque way. The restaurant is also aware that aside from romantic dates, they will also have guests that wants to have a great dinner with the entire family or group of friends who wants to catch up. So, you may also find your favorite snacks at the place as they also serve juicy burgers and tasty nachos. Their menu is filled with unique and flavorful creation that you will surely enjoy no matter what the occasion is. To make it more special, they also have live entertainment that will sweep your feet on the floor and make you dance to their music.

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Isn’t this one amazing place to create new and special memories at?! You may visit Sky Room at 40 S Locust Ave, Long Beach, CA. Go and make new memories to treasure with your loved ones.

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