• Bill DeBolt

    One has to remember that everything changes over time. Especially the earth. This is nothing new to most of us Big Sur residents who have lived here for years & years, jus a minor inconvenience for the time being.

  • Charles

    IF the water main collapse that opened a sinkhole in front of Trump’s Mar Lago is Karma, what is this?
    Answer: KARMA

  • Amazed

    Gordon Maxson, you should educate yourself to prevent posting ignorant comments. The CA coast is a living, ever-changing environment. Add to this two significant wet seasons after historic drought for four years and, yes, thecesrth moves, especially in steep terrain. The same goes for mountain passes and river canyons.

  • Gordon Maxson

    The big problem is someone decided to build a highway in the wrong place with improper safety restraints.
    Probably cutting the road through the area like they did helped weaking the ground support and nature did it’s thing.

  • Jen

    I’m praying no one is under that??

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