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This California warehouse is a modern day cafeteria

California Food trip: Anaheim Packing House

Are you a foodie? A fan of several dishes? Do you want to explore different taste and flavour without going to different places? Finding a food hall might be the best place for you to go. Since food halls are so trendy the orange county also has one, plus several more to arise. Our first, is the Anaheim Packing House. This culinary walkabout it located at 440 S. Anaheim Blvd in Anaheim, CA. The Packing House is open DAILY at 9am for breakfast with Pandor! Most other establishments open for lunch at 11AM or Noon and stop serving food at 8PM or 9PM. Bars are open until 10PM or 11PM.

The packing house has 20+ artisan eateries and live music on stage every weekend! Isn’t a good place for you family or friends to hangout?! Aside from that, the small restaurants in the place supports the local and sustainable and/or organic ingredients. You’ll see a crepe shop, grilled cheese bar, fish grills, cocktail bars, Juice bars and a lot more in just one place.

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Here are few of the stores that can be found Packing House:

1. The Kroft

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The Kroft is known for having several locations in Southern California. They food items are most popularly called as “comfort food reinvented.” They are innovating comfort food, mixing the usual dishes with a twist of using fresh, local, organic, sustainable and seasonal ingredients. They are also known for their poutines, and Canadian-French specialty fries. Their poutines are hand-cut potatoes, double fried to perfection, and piled with fresh cheese curds, homemade gravies and signature toppings. Also, all of their dipping sauces, soups and refreshments are made from scratch.

2. Adya

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If you want a taste of Indian cuisine, Adya is worth the visit. They are recognized for the assembly of bright flavors on their dishes and textures representing the diversity of India itself. Also, as known in the packing house, they also strive to use local, organic, biodynamic ingredients whenever possible. They also have curated wine list and craft beer list to balance the food’s vibrant flavors and casual style.

3. Popbar

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Craving for something sweet? Go and visit Popbar. They are well-known for introducing handcrafted gelato on a stick made with all natural ingredients. Their gelato are prepared in the most genuine way possible, using only real fruits and a few ingredients. To make some twist in the world of gelato, they put it on a stick. For them, it is not just a fun way of eating gelato but it makes it more customizable and children friendly. Aside from this, Popbar makes sure that all of their products are natural and made fresh daily. They also offer kosher, vegan and gluten-free options.

4. Pandor Bakery

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Pandor bakery specializes in authentic French Artisan Breads, Viennoiseries, pastries, tartines, panini and salads. They are not just a simple bakery but a Boulangerie and French Café. Also like other restaurants and food chain in packing house, are using sustainable, local, and seasonal ingredients, and global flavors to add variation to their products. In their store, every bread is unique because their bakers are masters of creating the distinctive shapes, and recognize the slight differences in consistency and ingredients. They also serve coffee which has an artisanal blend. Their coffee menu will be enjoyed by all types of coffee lovers so please don't hesitate to discover their rich blend of coffee beans and mix and match it with their breads, croissants and/or savory products.

5. Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream

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Here’s another store that will satisfy your sweet tooth, Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream. It has been in California since 1972. All of their ice cream is made fresh and is using only the richest cream from local dairies. In addition to classic ice cream flavors, like Butter Pecan and Cookies & Cream, the Hans’ team continues to create new flavors, like Coffee OREO® and Nutella® Krunch and some combinations like Salted Caramel and Maple Bacon. They serve this sweets as a shake, a sundae or in a cone. Aside from this, they also offer Drumsticks, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Munchies as well as hand-dipped, frozen bananas.

6. Crepe Coop

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For crepe lovers, don’t miss out Crepe Coop in the packing house! They offer pre-suggested crêpe combinations, or you can make your own flavour by ordering the basic crepe and mixing it with the variety of filling options. This food stall will make you feel that you are in the wonderful city in France. They also serve juices and tea which has either a fruity or herd flavour- Peach Black Tea, Bee Tea, Grapeberry Fizz, Hibiscus Berry Tea and Moro Mint

This are just few of the restaurants and stalls that you’ll see in Packing House. So, if you’re craving but unsure of what you really want, try and visit the place and you might find what you’re looking for!

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