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Camp for Free in These 6 Places in California

Camp for Free in These 6 Places in California

Camping is one of the best way for family or friends to have fun and enjoy the gift of nature. Camping tents, bonfires, and some singing and storytelling are just few of the activities that are done when in a camping trip. Well, what’s more exciting is when you get a chance to camp for free! Yes, there are sites that will not charge you to stay on their camping grounds. Since California is rich in stunning destination, especially ecological ones, there are also a lot of camping sites in the state! Here we’ll give you a list of free camping sites that you’ll surely enjoy.

1. Rocky Point West

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Situated at about 30 miles north of Susanville, this site is a great spot if you’re a wildlife watcher. In this area can be found in Eagle Lake, a home to one of the last nesting osprey in the western United States. This site is a dispersed camping site, no water and no toilet. But, the good thing is, you’ll be able to stay and enjoy this beautiful scenery for free! Though, the agency accepts donation, in any amount or form. The donations will be allotted for the maintenance of the place, this is to ensure that it will still be enjoyed by the next years.

2. Redinger Campground

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This is one great spot to camp along a long lake, though there is only one designated campsite in the area. Well, the spot is surely one gorgeous spot! If you want to have some campfires, you’ll need a permit to do so, but if you’re not into campfires, well, this is really the best place for you. Area Amenities are Tent camping, camping trailer, toilets, drinking water and with all these is a camp that is free of charge. Just to note, the site has some restrictions, maximum length of stay is 14 days, maximum vehicle length is 25 feet and maximum group size is 6 per site.

3. Pinnacle Rock

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In the 4,618-foot Pinnacle Rock, there is no official campsite but in Mendocino National Forest dispersed camping is allowed. So if you’re into some adventure, this will be a good place for one as looking for a perfect spot will be the one great escapade. But if you want to be safe, you can go and look for existing sites that had already been used. There will be signs of it as you might see remnants of a previous camp fire and make shift tent pads. In Pinnacle Rock Summit, campsites are scattered along the road which gives visitors a chance to have a see the view on the top.

4. Whisky Falls Campground

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The place is operated by Forrest services. There are only 14 campsites in the area but there are no RV hook ups. But, there are vault restrooms in the area that you can use. If you really want to visit the place, the best place is from June-September which is their open season. The camp ground is a 45 minute drive from Bass lake. Well, this might be one challenging camping location but you’ll be able to enjoy this wonderful place and the other sites around it.

5. Modoc National Forest

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This is one beautiful place and a good place for camping. There are several camping types, from RV camping, Dispersed Camping and Campground camping. If you are into looking for a nice forest setting campground, dispersed camping is the best option for you. But, please choose a camping spot where you will leave a minimal impact. Since it is one big area, you’ll be able to set up camp even on a late Saturday or on super-busy holiday weekends. But just to let everyone know, all campgrounds on the Modoc National Forest are first come, first served so make sure to come early if you want to have a good spot.

6. Cherry Lake

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Who would have thought that it is possible to set up camp for free in a place with a national park type of view? The Cherry Lake is in Stanislaus National Forest and sits outside the border of Yosemite National Park. Aside from camping, you can also do some fishing and boating activities as well as swimming and hiking. Their recreation facilities include a boat launch and vault restrooms. But, just to remind you guys, be cautious when on the area as there’s a Rim Fire Burned Area on the place that may cause tree branches to weaken and fall and other unlikely incidents. But, despite this, if you’re alert enough, you’ll really enjoy the view and activities that the place can offer.

We’ll there are few more and there are cheap campsites as well. If you just thought of setting out camp but on a tight budget, well, that’s not a problem now as you might start visiting this place and you might not expect that a free site will give an outstanding view.

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