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Disneyland’s Hot and Cheesy Cone- a Limited Time Offer

Disneyland’s One Hot and Cheesy Cone- a Limited Time Offer

Disneyland is always a majestic place- impressive fireworks, fun and exciting rides, colorful and lively parades. We must never forget Disneyland’s uniquely delicious and wonderfully designed treats. This treats will make you think twice- to eat or not to eat. When in the theme park, you’ll see people taking pictures, not just of the place but of their food! That’s how cool it is, so picturesque!

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On the other hand, let’s talk about the ever so tasty- Mac and Cheese. Did you know that this tasty dish had been enjoyed by people since the thirteenth century? Making its way up to this day just shows how its flavor was loved by almost everyone. This mixture of pasta and cheese sauce- mainly cheddar, had been incorporated with other ingredients- bacon, chicken, broccoli, carrots, bread crumbs and a lot more that may add color and taste. Traditional mac and cheese are baked but nowadays, it can be made on top of the stove and for those who doesn’t have time for cooking, packaged mix is already available.

With Disneyland’s creative team and the people’s love for mac and cheese arise these limited time offer of Slow Burnin' Mac and Cheese in a cone! This treat is created to add to the feel of the upcoming Halloween celebration. To give it some Halloween style, this dish is made of three vibrant colors- black, orange and red.

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Black is for its cone bread. Jet black food made from activated charcoal are on trend nowadays. Like what others say, rainbow craze is out and black is in! We can now see black everywhere, from streets, fast foods and on restaurants. Now there are black burgers, macaroons, ice cream, icings and a lot more. Using these color makes the other ingredients’ color pop up, making every part of it look fresh and tasty. And having a black cone for these dish really made the orange color of the mac and cheese more eye catching. But wait, there’s more! This black cone made from activated charcoal has several health benefits, including teeth whitening, digestive cleansing, and detoxifying and alleviating skin problems! Ooops! That’s just the cone, we still have two more on this exciting.

Orange is obviously for the mac and cheese, an OOHHwesomely delicious mac and cheese! This is one spicy dish as it is not made with plain sauce but with a warm red pepper cheese sauce. It may be spicy but it still contain the tangy taste of our most loved mac and cheese.

Red is for its toppings. This treat is topped with “crushed chile-cheese puffs”, Disneyland’s version of the famous Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. This crushed puffs adds more spice on your every bite.

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So, if you love spicy foods, this one is worth a try! The mixture or salty, creamy and spicy taste which the cone bread balances is really an exciting dish. This treat may be found in Disneyland's California Adventure, over at the Cozy Cone Motel inside of Cars Land. It may be bought for a very fine price of $8.99!

There is a plus when you buy this treat, an Instaworthy post! No need for fancy photo editors as the treat is naturally magnificent! But, unfortunately, this is again- for a limited time only! These wonderful treat will only be available until October 31, so why wait? Hurry and grab yours now!

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