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Experience Japan In Just A Drive Away

Experience Japan In Just A Drive Away


Japan is own of the most famous countries in Asia. It is known for its development in technology and arts. Aside from that, the country is also rich in beautiful attractions and delicious food. Japan is a place that made the ancient tradition meet the modern life in the best way it possibly could and made it as if it is not something unusual. When it comes to food, they are popular in serving fresh new ingredients for their cuisine especially for their ever so delicious sushi. The weather on Japan is also amazing, in the warmer months you can do hiking, walk through cedar groves and fields of wildflowers and up to soaring peaks and ancient shrines. During winter, all this is covered with snow and the skiing is world class. Aside from those facts, Japan is also home of Anime. This is actually one of the reasons why most children and kids at heart wanted to visit the place. Here, they will be able to experience and see what their favorite Anime is doing. They will be able to experience the ever so wonderful cherry blossom that is a part of almost all Japanese Anime.

When it comes to natural land and water resources, when in Japan, you do not need to travel far to have a glimpse of it as the country is known in maintaining and cultivating the beauty of a place. It manages to keep the serenity that a park, a lake – may it be natural or man-made-, may give to anyone who visits it. In Japan, it is really important to balance earth, water, air and land and you’ll be able to notice that in most of their gardens and even on their flower pots.

Isn’t it exciting to go to Japan? Well, if you want to visit the place but still on a tight budget, no worries, a city in California brought Japan near you! Yes, now you may enjoy the beautiful Japanese scenery without the need to get a plane ticket and a visa. Now, you can drive your way to the gorgeous Japanese garden! Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden is the best place to go to experience the magnificence of Japan while still in California.
Earl Burns Miller was dedicated in April 1981 and is located on the campus of CSU Long Beach. The garden was built through the kindness of Mrs. Loraine Miller Collins and the name and contribution was in memories or her late husband, Earl Burns Miller. After several years of planning, Mrs. Collins together with California State University Long Beach, they have decided to call on Long Beach landscape architect Edward R. Lovell to design the garden. Now the 1.3 acre Hill and Pond Japanese-style garden is enjoyed by many.

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Image result for earl burns miller japanese garden

The garden also serves as an educational tool to the students in CSU. For the university, it serves as an outdoor classroom setting for the visual arts and sciences, as well as a site for student mentoring and peer-to-peer relationships through internships and docent positions. Also, the garden advances the university's interest in international education and student engagement. The place was designed and built to match its location in Southern California. The place is also a hybrid art form that was able to combine the typical Japanese Garden and the vision of its founder.

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If you want to experience the Japanese vibe that the place gives, it is open Tuesday through Friday at 8:00 am to 3:30 pm and Sunday at Noon to 4:00 pm. The garden is closed during Saturday and Monday. Well, here’s the best thing, you’ll not just experience the beauty of Japan just a drive away from your home but you’ll also experience it for free! Isn’t that amazing?! But, when you visit the place, please do responsible enough in keeping it as clean and neat when you entered it. The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden depends on the financial support of those who value its beauty and serenity and wish to support its educational and cultural mission so it is really important that visitors will maintain its beauty.

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For you to enjoy the view of the Viola Monument, the Koi Pond, see the beauty of the different colors of different beautiful Japanese flowers and some relics and other Japanese treasures, you must follow the rules of the park. Below is the rules stated on their web page:

• No food or drinks are allowed. Unfortunately the Garden is not able to accommodate picnic lunches. If you are interested in hosting a gathering at the Garden, please call the Garden Rental department at (562) 985-8889.
• Only pets escorting people with special needs are permitted.
• Only feed the fish with food provided by the Garden. Koi food is available for purchase for 25 cents per handful. Please bring a container from home to hold the koi food.
• Running is prohibited.
• Bikes are not allowed inside the garden. A bike rack is provided outside the service gate.
• Smoking is prohibited.
• Please stay on the pathways at all times. Please do not climb trees, enter waterfall areas, or step into the raked sand garden.
• Photography is permitted but the usage of a tripod or large equipment is not. Please no professional photography without advance approval from the Education (562-985-8420) or Garden Rental departments (562-985-8889). Learn more about Photo Sessions at the Garden.
• Sketching and watercolor painting is allowed if all art materials are on a protective sheet to avoid staining sidewalks and benches. No oil painting is allowed.

So now, if you really want to experience the place, go now and drive your way to it! The garden is just open and waiting for your arrival.


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