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The best APPLE Pies in California

Get a Hold on These Huge Pie!

Hey, it’s autumn! We know you’re really feeling the heat! But this must not stop us from enjoying the things that California has to offer! Yes, there are things that the state can offer this season that you will surely love and would want to get your hands on right away. This state is just one lucky state for having lots of treasure in stored- may it be on attractions, food, activities, and on history.

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Do you know one of America’s most favorite dessert? What about SoCal’s delicious treat? It’s the apple pie! Yes, the sweet, crunchy and tasty treat that may be served hot as a dessert or a pair for your hot coffee or tea. We commonly hear the phrase, “As American as apple pie” but did you know that this treat did not really originated from America? The apples originated from Kazakhstan, as North America’s crab apple is not really fit in pies. Alexander the Great is said to have discovered dwarfed apples in Kazakhstan and brought them back to Macedonia in 328 BC. The first recorded recipe for apple pie was written in 1381 in England, and called for figs, raisins, pears, and saffron in addition to apples. The apple pie nowadays are quite different from before as sugar is one really expensive ingredient. Originally they use animal fat, wheat, and water to create sealed pastry shells with the un­appealing name of “coffyns.” These are usually stuffed with meat but was replaced by apples which ended up to be delicious. One of the contributors to making apple pies an “American” dessert is John Chapman, known better as Johnny Appleseed. By 1902, an editorial in the New York Times proclaimed that pie had become “the American synonym for prosperity.”

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Well, no matter where it was originally from, we know that the love for apple pie will never ever fade. A place in SoCal knew about it as well so they created and sell extremely delicious pies! This is not your ordinary apple pie as this one is a five-pound apple pie that will not just make you feel amazed on how it looks but will also make your heart smile on its goodness! This exciting treat is offered by Apple Annie’s Restaurant, Bakery & Shops that may be found in Oak Glen’s Oak Tree Village.

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Oak Tree village is a 14 acres of family fun filled destination. Oak Tree Village is nestled in the heart of Apple Country a mile high, where it is cooler in the summers and has enough snow to make snowmen and sled in the winters. Aside from enjoying the freshly baked apple pie, you’ll also enjoy the fresh air that the place has all year round and as well as the beauty of the changing season. Apple Annie is not the place and/or activity that the place can offer. You can eat a hand dipped Caramel Apple at the Village Candy Kitchen, feed the animals in the animal park and visit some local shops at the place. They also have some pony and train rides on weekends.

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Apple Annie’s pie will not just feel your craving for a dessert or a treat, it will also fill your appetite like you have eaten a meal! This is one really mouthwatering treat. You’ll understand what we mean when you see it. Just by the looks of it, you can easily see its goodness. The flaky crust, that most of us wants for their pie, and seeing tons of sliced apples inside it will surely make want to have a taste of it right on that same spot! If you’re afraid that they don’t have enough for everyone, no worries, they have shelf full of this. Well, if you are really starving and wanted to eat something aside from pies, Apple Annie’s also have some meals for you! They serve breakfast, lunch, fan favorite meals, dinner, wines and beers and other beverages. Well, it’s typical for us to see a kid’s menu on a restaurant, but Apple Annie don’t just have that, they also have the Senior Menu. Well, after that great meal, we are sure that you’ll love to bring the gigantic pie home to your loved ones! We are confident that they will love it like you did.

What are you waiting for? If you’re already craving to have a taste of that wonderful treat and/or wanted to be in a very relaxing place, it’s now time to drive your way to Oak Tree Village and visit Apple Annie’s Restaurant, Bakery and Shop.

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