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Glass Beach: A Treasure From Trash

Glass Beach: A Treasure From Trash

Beach is such a popular destination. A place suited not just for surfers, but for the entire family. It is safe to say that going to the beach is one of the most popular bonding activity for the whole family- in all most al countries. Why? Maybe because it provides a feeling of relaxation by the moment you see the beautiful water and clear sky. The breeze in the beach might be a reason as well as it make the statement that, ”Hey, you’re not on the city. You’re far from the stress and pollution, so enjoy it!” But, the fact that the beach is enjoyed by almost everyone no matter what their age is, might be the greatest reason for it. It’s like, no one will be left out if it will be on a beach trip.

Aside from swimming, sun bathing and sand castle making, what other activity do we enjoy in the beach? Well, almost everyone had been into collecting collar remnants, shells and stones. For kids, it is a kingdom full of treasure waiting for them to find! Who never got disappointed when he got a broken shell? Who never listened to one of the shells he found? Who never lined up all the things he find and look at them like it is the greatest treasure you’ll ever find? Looking for the beach’s treasure is really one of the things that kids and kids at heart look out for. With this, did you know that there’s a beach that is full of wonderful glass? Yes, glass. Not sharp glasses but smooth and soft ones.

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Located in Fort Bragg’s MacKerricher State Park is the Glass Beach. The name given is a perfect name for it because the place is really abundant in glass. But, did you know that there are 3 glass beach in California? Aside from that, did you know that this are all former dumpsite? Glass beach #2, the one in MacKerricher State Park, is the city’s second dumpsite used as a landfill from 1943 to 1949. That was before, today, the beach is now one stunning place. There’s really a treasure in trash! We wouldn’t be enjoying this wonderful site if not for its past.

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This wonderful Glass Beaches is worth a visit as it will not be like your ordinary day at a sandy beach but one treasure finding beach activity. No one will be disappointed on whatever he or she will find as almost all the glasses are gorgeous.  But the challenge will be to search for rare ruby reds (from pre-1967 auto tail lights) or sapphire gems from apothecary bottles. But, take note, if you want a remembrance, go and take a photo- make it an Instaworthy shot- but leave the stones behind so that more visitors may enjoy it. Since the stones are not something that can reproduce, it is very important to have it preserved. This law came about last August 12, 2015, if not for this, the next generation might not be able to enjoy this place.

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If ever on the beach and you got hungry but you do not want to leave the beautiful scenery just yet, the cliffs overlooking the glass beach is a great place for you to set up your food and have a picnic. Wouldn’t that be a magnificent meal?! It’s also a wonderful time for you to take more pictures. This location will give you a delightful view that is worth the share in your Instagram page.

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If you want to know more about it, Fort Bragg has two glass history exhibit. The first one is the Guest House Museum. This place is the former house of the Superintendent of the Fort Bragg Lumber Company, Tom Johnson. The exhibit opened in early 2012 by Native Daughters of the Golden West and local historians. This is as a way to preserve an important part of Fort Bragg history and to offer an alternative to removing glass from the beaches. The other exhibit is the Sea Glass Museum. In this place, you will see Sea Glass Marble Display which showcase the best stones that you can find in the beach. Aside from that, they also have genuine sea glass jewelry, hand-picked from the beach and made into beautiful jewelry that is shown and sold at the museum. So if you really want to bring home something to remember, this will be the best place for you to buy one. Aside from jewelry, they are also selling coffee table books that shows the beautiful beach, puzzle, shirts, placemats, posters, mugs and lamps!

A trip to this gorgeous place will be something to remember and treasure. So visit it now and savor the magical moment.


  • my boyfriend and I went to Fort Bragg and stayed in a delightful B&B. We did happen to visit Glass Beach and found it amazing. He related the story of how it came to be and as we walked about on the beautiful glass, I noticed other remnants of its’ former life. Rusted auto pieces, washing machines and other articles thrown into our ocean. While the ocean attempted to clean herself, she left polished glass but some stuff just lets you know,..we must love our planet and respect our oceans. It should be a lesson.

    csid on
  • Glass Beach in Fort Bragg is no longer. It looks NOTHING like the pictures in the article because people fill up bags with the glass to take home. It looked like that YEARS ago. Everyone forgwts to mwntuon that tiny fact. Please stop making this such a tourist attraction, because it’s just a regular beach now. Nothing particularly special about it… anymore.

    Jess on
  • You wrote there is 3 of them but you only talk about one is Fort Bragg and the second MacKerricher; where is #3 ???

    Stephan Pivot on
  • Spell check your article, there are a lot of errors. There’s an App for that.

    Bougneit on

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