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15 signs you're dating a true CALIFORNIA GIRL

Is She or Is She Not from California? 15 Things For You To Know!

Dating is never knew to everyone’s vocabulary. You might have done it or might currently doing it. But, why do people date? Well, we all have different reasons for doing so. Some reasons are not so good ones but some are. Some date just to sow their “seeds,” you know what that means. Some date just for fun, nothing serious. There are others who date only because they are curious of what happens or what will happen. There are those who just want to meet new people and get to know them. But, there are those who date to look for a companion and for love. No matter what your reason is, what’s important is your happy and not hurting somebody intentionally.

Well, when you date you tend to be curious of from where that person is. Some are brave enough to ask, but some just can’t do so! So, we made a list of criteria for you to know if you’re dating a girl from California.

1. She thinks tacos and burritos major food groups.

burrito, chicken, delicious
May it be chicken, fish, beef or pork, she just love them! She’ll love them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or any time of the day! It won’t matter if it’s spicy or not, as long as its wrapped in a tortilla or between tacos, that will be the best. So if you want her to like you, take her to a good taco or burrito house, time of the day won’t matter.

2. She know how to surf, skateboard, and ski.

Woman Holding Surf Board Standing on Shoreline during Sunset
She might have taught herself how or had been to a class once or had finish the entire session, whether she did or not, she knows how to do so.

3. She despises LAX in every aspect.
Never tell her that you’ll take her Los Angeles International Airport. Why? She just know that it will be just one stressful trip. Lax may not be the worst in the world but it’s not one of the best. It is known for its unending construction, long queues, traffic, and congested security lines.

4. She worries about jaywalking.
Jaywalking in California is a thing. Even if people were in the crosswalk and the traffic light was green — if you started after the crosswalk clock began ticking down, you’ll get a jaywalking ticket. Here’s more, the fine is $250. So know, you know where she’s getting from.

5. Her guacamole recipe is so amazing.

Avocado, avocado, avocado… they adore it that much. It will be safe to say that their love for it made them create new recipe for guacamole and even match it to any dish which its flavor might fit.

6. She feels cold or hot easily.
If the temperature gets above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, expect her to be sweating, but when it hit below 65, you’ll see her shaking. Weather in California does not really change that much so her body tends to adjust slow with the increase or decrease of temperature.

7. She knows a lot of people in “The Industry,” more than she can admit.
She might not admit, but some stars might have been her friend, classmate, neighbor, parent’s former co-worker, her former colleague, a former waiter on her favorite restaurant or she might have been able to date one. That maybe the perks of living near Hollywood, but she care less.

8. She wears Flip flops in almost all occasion.

White Hat Beside White Flip Flops Near Short
Flip flops on everything, anywhere and on any season. Since California has a not so cold and not so hot weather almost every day, dress code is not really essential. Going to the mall, on the beach, in the park, or elsewhere, flip flops and short will do.

9. She won’t dare go out when it’s raining.
They’re just not use to experiencing one so, dealing with it is not easy. Plus, rain brings cold breeze, she knows she’ll shiver.

10. She might drive better than you

adult, automobile, beautiful
It’s common for them to drive, as in, so common. They drive almost to everywhere. You can trust her with your wheels.

11. She is on a juice cleanse or have done it before.
Hey, health is wealth, you know that! Those green juices are just magical for her.

12. She have a basic understanding of Spanish
Since California was first colonized by Spaniards, some culture, tradition and languages had been adapted and has become a part of their lives. So don’t judge if there are terms she use that is different from yours.

13. She loves In-N-Out.. as in So Much!

For her there is no better burger than In-N-Out’s burger plus there fries is also amazing! She might have even memorized each part of the menu!

14. She’s into recycling
She might have been introduces to recycling even before she can walk!

15. Any day is beach day!
She is used to spending any holiday season on the beach, including New Year! So, don’t blame her if she’ll look for one. But take note, the beach for her must have soft, white sand and salty blue waves.

Well, those are few signs but not all apply to every girl from California, besides, everyone is different from one another. Just like what Mark Amend said, “Dating should be less about matching outward circumstances than meeting your inner necessity.


  • Pease are inthe your hilp thank you may GOD bless you as you hilp this is my facebook name john solomon

    Usjohn on
  • I love all of these! and yes, to the “norCal” us SoCal are quite different than the NoCal, thnx for the reminder {:-\ To the person who’s all about spelling and grammar, would like to offer Spell Check as the word “sentance” I believe is spelled: sentence.

    Beach Life – YEAH! Thanks to who ever posted “15 signs you’re dating a true CALIFORNIA GIRL” :-)

    BAM on
  • I am a California girl, and I just LOVED this article!! This is awesome, I’m going to send it to my friends!! Don’t listen to those haters above, thisnwaa a great article. But, I’m an easy-going chill California girl, so maybe that’s why I like it!

    Margret Scott on
  • You lost me at “knew” 🙄

    Julia Guerrero on
  • I’d love to point out that this is directed towards SoCal! Not all Californians are like this, yes being from NorCal I can relate to some of these but serisouly please next time say SoCal or NorCal ?

    Michaela on

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