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This place is serving Black Churros for Halloween!

One Dark but Sparkly Treat!

When looking for something to eat, we are always thinking of what can satisfy our cravings. Cravings? People might have different cravings when it comes to food. Some may crave for something good, something sweet, something heavy, and some times, we just want to have a taste of what’s new and popular. No matter what you choose, as long as you feel happy with it, just go and try it.

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Churro is currently a trend when it comes to snack, may it be served with sugar, coated with your favorite glaze, dipped or [aired with your ice cream. Where churro actually comes from or whoever made it first is an unclear part of this delicious treat’s history. But did you know that the snack we typically eat is something meant to be served as breakfast? Well, yes it is. As a breakfast treat, churros are dipped -not on your favorite dulce de leche – in hot chocolate or served with café con leche. Hey, that’s one delicious way of warming your body in a really cold weather! This fried, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside treat really had been a part of almost everyone’s life! Well, if you haven’t tried one, we know you really want to.

Nowadays, uniquely designed or decorated food are in. Why? Of course, something worth posting in your Instagram account that will definitely gain tons of likes is something you would really want to hunt for and take a picture of. Well, honestly, people tend to post it first before trying to eat it and have a taste. Guilty?! That’s fine! Your joy and fulfilment is what matters.

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Since churros is one of the most favorite treat of the young ones and the young at heart, it will not be left out when it comes to an Instaworthy post! A store in Westminster, California made sure that you’ll have an Instagram post every time you buy a dessert from them! The Loop: Handcrafted Churros is a really popular store when it comes to the fan favorite churros. Why? Because they offer not just your typical churros but an eye catching one! Isn’t that worth a try?

This Halloween, they have a limited time offer, Halloween Night Glazed Churro with Charcoal Tiramisu Soft Served! That sounds like a really dark treat! This Tiramisu soft severed and the churro topped to it is part of the new craze in jet black food! Well, we know why, black is always one perfect color for snacks nowadays as it always gives an Instagrammable output on your photo! Aside from the act that that these limited time offer snack is in jet black, it also has some sparkles that really made it sparkle! Well, Halloween Night is really a perfect name for it as it made the night sky go onto your churro.

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Aside from a purely jet black ice cream, it can also be served with a Charcoal Tiramisu swirled with vanilla. The mix of black and white makes it more attractive as it makes the charcoal colored treat really stand out! Since it is from The Loop, expect that they have something to top the soft serve with – aside from the churro of course. They have nuts and other sprinkles that you can put on it if you want to, it might give the black night some adventure!

The Loop made sure that your Churro topped soft served has a match on their drinks. Well, in this case, they offer the Char-Chata and Activated Charcoal Horchata! This drink is a perfect pair for your Halloween Night treat’s photo as it is a great addition to the jet black craze and the amazingly separated color of black and white will surely gain some OHHHsome feedbacks.

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We are sure you want to go now and try it. What are you waiting for, go try it now as this will be a limited time offer only! No worries, you won’t regret driving some miles just to have a taste of it. Or if you’re not into jet black foods, they still have a lot more to offer as they still have their dipped, glazed and chilled Menu any time of the year. Go now and enjoy your delightfully delicious churros!

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