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Places to Experience Snow in California

Places to Experience Snow in California

When it’s Christmas and you’re from the United States, people from other continent will be asking you of how it feels to celebrate white Christmas. Yes, they call it white Christmas as they see pictures of a blankets of really white snow covering the entire place. But, some people are not aware that this does not happen everywhere in the United States. One state that does not experience snow during Christmas is California. Why? Because of its geographical position near the Pacific where the sun mostly shine. For those who really love or want to experience the snow, they might say that California is so unlucky for not having it but they might have not seen the entire place yet.

It might not be snowing most of the places in California but did you know that you can still experience snow in the place? Yes, it’s true. You may still enjoy the snow even if you are in a sunny state! It’s like, if you want snow, then you can choose to see snow but if you prefer a warmer weather, you may choose to stay at your home. Cool right?! But there’s a plus! The snow that we are talking about is not manmade but the real and actual snow! We know you want to see those places soon so to help you out we have listed the places where you can go and experience white Christmas for a couple of days.

1. Bear Valley

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It might be one of the most visited place in California during the holidays. Why? Because here you can really experience and see the snow falling from the sky and falling on your shoulder. Amazing right?! This place is perfect for those who wanted to Ski, Snowboard or to simply play with the snow. When the place is covered in snow, it really looks very smooth plus the ups and downs on the land makes it more exciting for skiers. Here, not only people from other states and countries go but also the people in California.

2. Idyllwild

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Idyllwild is a cozy little mountain top community located above the San Jacinto Mountains in Riverside County. The village here is really very beautiful. There is a snow in the place but unlike in Bear Valley, skiing is not allowed here since it is still a little bit rocky in the area. But if you’re the type who just want to see the snow, and wanted it to be a little less crowded, well, his is really the best place for you!

3. Soda Springs

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Here is another location for those who wanted to ski, sled and snowboard. This can be found in Nevada County and had been a known destination for residents of NorCal. The place is enjoyed by the kids and the kids at heart. The tall trees around the place is also wonderful to look at since the leaves and branches are all covered in snow! Since the place is also near Donner Pass, you may also visit go and visit that place as well, it’s like shooting two birds in one bullet.

4. Mt. Baldy

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If you want to experience snow but you want it to be near Orange County, well this place is just one and fifteen minute drive from the said place. It that short driving time you will already be able to play with snow and do some snow tubing. Also, unlike other mountain with snow, here, you don’t have to reach the top for you to enjoy playing as you may already see snow halfway up the mountain.

5. Mountain High

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If you want somewhere near LA, then this is the place. You’ll reach it within an hour drive from Los Angeles! The place is a ski resort found in the San Gabriel Mountains. Consist of of 3 resorts, this snowy haven offers a variety of lifts and terrains that is really appealing to the skiers. If you’re kids wanted to learn how to ski, snowboard and other activities, the resort is also home to an acclaimed Children’s Academy for kids. So now, your kids will learn to ski with professional trainers while you get to play around with the snow.

Isn’t California really a treasure? A very magical place that will allow you to stay warm on Holidays but will also let you enjoy the pleasure and happiness that snow can give to the child in you.

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  • No mention of Tahoe or Mammoth??? You must not be from California to have missed the two BEST places for snow in our beautiful state!! Try again!

    Susie on

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