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First Look At Disneyland's STAR WARS LAND!! (it's incredible)

by Anna Atlea
Feast your eyes on these scaled down models of the new Star Wars Land     The models below were featured at the 2017 D23 Expo in Anaheim, Calif, s...

15 Things You Will Miss When You Leave California

by Anna Atlea
15 Things You Will Miss When You Leave CaliforniaCalifornians have got it good. They’ve got it so good in fact, that when they leave, they quickly ...

Sneak peek inside Walt Disney's Palm Springs Home!

by Anna Atlea
This 1962 retro Palm Springs flat known as “Walt’s Technicolor Dream House” has recently sold for $865,000. The 2,444 square foot ranch style hou...

13 reasons Southern California is better than anywhere else

by Brandon Sowers
Once you’ve lived in Southern California it’s pretty hard to live anywhere else. There is no other place with better food, weather, scenery & e...

Find all the Hidden Mickeys in Disneyland

by 5
Going to Disneyland is almost certainly every kid’s – and every adult’s, really (that’s where I went on my honeymoon) – dream come true. It is the ...

6 Awesome Secrets About Disneyland

by 1
1) Find the Hidden Eeyore While waiting in the Indiana Jones line during the safety presentation, turn around and look up at the projector. If you...

9 Walt Disney Quotes to Remind You What's Important

by 1
Try to imagine California without Walt Disney. A world without his magic, whimsy, and optimism. Walt Disney transformed the entertainment industry,...