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4 Most Bizarre Places in California

Beware! We recommend you read this post only if unusual, strange and even bizarre travel destinations is what you’re looking for.  

The Queen Mary: a “spooktacular” luxury liner and WW II transport ship

She’s almost 100 years old today and initially she should have been a cruise ship for the rich. But then the World War II came and Queen Mary became the Grey Ghost. The elegant and grandiose ship is now moored in Long Beach and awaits curious visitors. You can rent a room and stay aboard the Queen Mary or just take a tour and visit it. You will discover eerie stories and perhaps meet the ghosts of those who never got to leave the ship during the war. One of the scariest is the story of a little girl who broke her neck while she was sliding down the banister. Now she wanders the pool area along with other to women who found their death in the same area, but haven’t managed to find their peace though. About 50 deaths occurred on the ship, but the psychic Peter James says he communicated with more than 150 ghosts living on Queen Mary. So, if spooky is your thing, you’ll certainly enjoy one (or more) of the tours the ship offers: you get the chance to explore the Queen and meet the spirits in the “Haunted encounters” tour or take part in a paranormal investigation in “Fine dining and paranormal investigation” tour.  

Joshua Tree National Park: adetour in the Wonderland of huge boulders and amazing sunsets

Skull Rock in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park, located in the Southern California Desert is loved by any traveler who enjoys off-the-beaten path destinations because it offers many sensational attractions. You can camp, climb, hike or simply take a one-day drive through the park. The star of the area is the Joshua Tree, of course.   The name was given by a group of Mormons in the 19th century. The shape of the yucca trees reminded them of Joshua, the biblical character, reaching his hands to the sky for prayer. Let’s not forget about the Skull Rock, a magnet for children & grown-ups alike, but also a true delight for photographers. The dusk is the best moment to be there, as the Skull begins to look like an ancient impressive presence, creating a sense of doom.  

The Orange County Museum of Art: enjoy meaningful and unusual “art-surprises”

  It is more than a museum. It’s an experience. From the huge funny dog that welcomes you into the building to the 1000 Clocks room, the Blue Room (based on Picasso’s blue period) and the 2500 other objects comprised in the museum’s collection – everything gives you the feeling of a surreal atmosphere, of a new world recomposed by the most talented contemporary artists. If you wish to live a singular, captivating and memorable experience, we highly recommend a visit to the Orange County Museum of Art, located in Newport Beach, California.  

Forestiere Underground Gardens: a labyrinth of subterranean dreams and miracles

  “The visions in my mind overwhelm me” the young Sicilian immigrant said. And that was the moment when Baldassare Forestiere began to carve his ingenious dream: approximately 10 acres of bedrooms, passageways, patios, a bedroom, a kitchen, a chapel and a fishpond (almost 100 rooms) were built on three underground levels (approximately 10 feet deep, 22 feet deep and 24 feet deep).   An incredible fact should be mentioned: no plans were put on paper for the spectacular underground gallery. Each and every single idea was put into practice directly from Baldassare’s head. After 40 years of hard work, Forestiere endows the world with his marvelous underground Gardens of Eden. Today, everybody can visit them in Fresno, 5021 W. Shaw Avenue.  

Are you a fan of bizarre and unusual destinations? Have you visited any of the places we recommend above? Tell us about your experience and what you liked most!

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