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"Winter" in California will soon be wrapping up, and everybody knows what that means! Only a few more chances to grab your boards (the other ones) and head up to Mammoth for some fresh powder, sun, and shredding. A short drive from anywhere in Cali, Mammoth mountain will make you forget that you are even on the West Coast. With it's beautiful scenery, amazing resorts, and plenty of runs to choose from, it's a guaranteed good time. Source: Boardworld Youtube Channel 

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Are you a fan of ocean activities or a true art lover? What do you do to relax? Spend a day at the beach, swimming and getting tanned, or maybe you’d rather admire some creative, fresh art pieces? At Laguna Beach, a small quaint town south of Los Angeles, you don’t have to choose. An amazing stretch of coastline and beautiful cliff top settings are natural gifts of this city. They called thousands of artists throughout the years and now Laguna Beach can boast with dozens of art galleries and renowned art festivals. The exquisite atmosphere wouldn’t have been complete...

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1300 miles of beauty, there is no better place to visit for vacation!   1300 CALIFORNIA MILES from Brandon Lied on Vimeo.

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Monterey Bay Aquarium: where sea otters and penguins become your best friends Built at the ocean’s edge, the Aquarium is a sheer delight for visitors of all ages. Luna, the cutest sea otter you’ve ever seen, will impress youwith her story: she was once an orphan, but the Aquarium staff saved her and took care of her. Now she is happy and grateful. Don’tmiss the jelly fish, the sea lions, assist the open sea feeding of turtles, tuna, sharks and many others marine animals. Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail: breathtaking views & friendly seals   Maybe you want to take a...

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