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The 6 Best Cities to Put Down Roots if You’re Single in California

The 6 Best Cities to Put Down Roots if You’re Single in California

When you’re single, you’ve got options - loads of them – and while choosing an exciting place to live may seem like a simple task, the sheer volume of options can be simply overwhelming. In a state like California, there are so many great locations to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites.

La Jolla

La Jolla is gorgeous. If you’ve never visited this coastline gem, you’re missing out. The location comes with a hefty price tag – and rightfully so. The city of La Jolla has a lot to offer for the singleton that has the paycheck to afford the lavish lifestyle of this beach centric town. The homes – gorgeous. The beaches – pristine. Enjoy a relaxing trip to the La Jolla Cove, enjoy the entertainment of a Mariachi Band, and revel in the convenience of San Diego being a hop, skip, and a jump away - you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the museum of contemporary art and exciting date night venues like escape rooms and themed experiences. If you’re not the nervous-type, enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience on a sea cave tour or at the La Jolla Underwater Park.

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is situated in the southwestern corner of Los Angeles right alongside the gorgeous California coastline. If you’re into surfing, you’ve found your new home. Known as one of the biggest surfing and watersports “hot spots”, Manhattan Beach will never disappoint when it comes to catching some waves. Not enough? Manhattan Beach has been coined the heart of the city. You’ll never have a difficult time finding something to do or a place to have an exquisite meal – although you may find it difficult to choose just one. As a city with a laundry list of celebrities who call it home, you never know – maybe you’ll catch whatever fame is lurking in the water, too! Proudly flaunting its status as the number one location to meet rich singles, you might even find your long-time love in this beautiful city.

Venice Beach

When you’re in Venice Beach, it feels like spring break all year round. Condos line the boardwalk with the most stunning ocean views, there is never a shortage of fun loving people, and shopping and nightlife is always plentiful. You absolutely will never be bored should you choose to call Venice Beach home. From street performers, to food trucks, to endless rounds of beach volleyball, this location could not be any more like what you would imagine a college town on the beach to be. That being said, Venice Beach is more likely to provide more mature singles as the rising housing market continues to push the limits of young singles budget buffers.

San Francisco

The locals know that San Fran is home to some of the most impressive microbreweries in the state. Perfect for the beer-loving bachelor and delightful to the aspiring chef or those infatuated with good eats, San Fran is brimming with bars, restaurants, culinary experiences, and all of the night life a singleton could dream of. Home to one of the highest populations of singles, you’re guaranteed to find some like-minded, fun-loving friends who are ready to join you in your celebration of the good life.


Hollywood is literally the emblem of California. Everyone has heard of it, visualizes its most iconic symbols, and lists it on their bucket list as it is one of the most sought after locations in the country to visit. Can you really blame them? Hollywood has an incredible amount to offer its single residents – from bars, restaurants, shows, and more, Hollywood is the place to be if you’re single and ready to mingle. We are exceedingly confident in saying that you can discover something different in Hollywood every single day. So why not move there?


Ontario? Where’s that? Bear with us – Ontario is nestled between some of the most popular desert towns – Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta - bidding it the gateway to adventure. Hop on the Amtrak, jump on the bus, or grab a flight (for those looking to explore beyond localities). Ontario is the perfect location for the single adventurer. You can’t be tied down – and Ontario will never dull your fire for adventure. Try your hand at the casinos in Palm Springs, ride the tramway, or head to Knott’s Berry Farm for a thrill or two. When you live in Ontario, you can afford to treat yourself while keeping the bustling cities nearby for entertainment and convenience. Who knows – maybe you’ll meet a special adventurer to share in your adventures – if that’s your thing.


  • The fact that there is no photo of Ontario is a dead giveaway that it’s totally NOT the ideal place to settle down here, single or not.

    Teri on

    Whoever keeps writing these needs to stop…

    Megan on
  • Being single in San Diego is the best. 10 minute drive to the south and Im a Rich man.?

    Raul Gonzalez on
  • Lee…I WAS single in Sonoma County (Lived in Santa Rosa), and l was single for YEARS! People are too superficial and fake these days!!!

    Sheryl on
  • The 6 best cities to live is your single in Cali are Modesto, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Davis, Sacramento, Fairfield & Oakland

    Lee on

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