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This small town in California grows thousands of different flowers

The Striking Flower Fields of Carlsbad, California

Flowers is one of the most beautiful gift that nature gave, and seeing a field of it will really be captivating. Every time we see beautiful flowers, we often react instantly with a smile. Some studies even found out that having flowers on a person’s sight can make him less depressed, anxious and agitated. "Flowers bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room," "They make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere,” said Dr. Haviland-Jones.

Southern California is really blessed to have several fields of flower in it. One of the popular field is found in Carlsbad, California. Visiting the Flower Fields of Carlsbad,California is an out of the ordinary way of enjoying nature’s beauty, it’s a trip to wonderland. In this 50 acre fields blooms stripes of rainbow color flower each spring. This stunning field is a result of 100 years of cultivation. This floral cultivation began with Luther Gage, an early settler and horticulturist that settled in the area in the early 1920’s.

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The flowers that grow here are from the buttercup family- Tecolote Giant Ranunculus. This is one of the finest strains of ranunculus plants in the world. Originally the flowers were single petal and ranged in shades of red and yellow. The variety of colors and richness that is seen today is due to the carefull selection done by Edwin Frazee. There are other thing you can visit on site including the miniature rose garden and the All-American Rose walk-of-fame that features 170 All-American Rose selection winners since 1940.

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If you really love the flowers and would want to share it with your family members back home, or bring some of it to someone sick and wouldn’t be able to visit the place, fresh cut flowers are available for purchase along with potted plants, bulbs and a variety of other items. This will make them feel that they were able to see the place and will also help them feel the same positive vibe you felt during the tour.

There are few does and don’t on the field that we must take note before visiting the place. Here are some of it:

1. Bring or wear a sweater of light jacket as it might be breezy when walking up the hill.
2. Wear sunglasses and comfortable slippers as it is an open area and you’ll do some walking.
3. You may bring your own food if you want as there are several picnic areas on the sie.
4. If a wheelchair is needed, please do bring your own as there are no wheelchair that can be rented on the site.
5. Be sure to bring extra cash as there are some activities that have additional fee.
6. Make sure to bring your camera as photo opportunities are endless in this 50 acre property.

1. Pets are not allowed unless they are certified support animals.
2. Vehicles are not allowed in the field- just service and farming equipment. Tractor Wagon rides are offered for a low cost for those who would like a trip around the fields and/or for those who may have trouble walking. Wagon rides are wheelchair accessible.
3. No Smoking
4. No alcoholic Beverages
5. No Bicycle, hoverboards and drones permitted.

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The field also offers group tours and it includes:

• History of The Flower Fields
• Planting process and growing cycle
• Description of the varieties of flowers grown
• Short walk up a gentle slope (at your group’s pace)
• Relax on chairs to enjoy the beautiful ocean and flower views
• Browse and shop at the Armstrong Garden Center and Gift Shop
This is a guided tour for 30 to 45 minutes but expect that your tour might take up to 90 minutes.

Here are the ticket prices for you to prepare for:
• $14.00 for Adults,
• $13.00 for Seniors 60+,
• $7.00 for Children 3-10,
• Children 2 and under are free.
• For group tours, advance reservation is required

These is a really nice place to bond with your loved ones. So, if you are planning to visit the place, best time to view the flowers is usually mid-March through Mid-April. But, due to the change in weather conditions, these dates may vary.
From the efforts or Luther Gages, Frank and Edwin Franzee and several others in cultivating this flower beds, arise one of San Diego’s most enduring and remarkable landmark. This fields shows nature’s ability and the diligence of its pioneers.

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