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These 10 places are serving the craziest milkshakes in California

Craving for something sweet and creamy?

Are you tired of eating your usual “after meal” dessert?

Then a glass of milkshake might be the one you’re looking for. This sweet and flavorful drink had been a crowd favorite ever since it was created. This is a leveled up version of our usual fruit shake since it has milk for added creaminess and taste.

A proof that this flavorful drink is truly popular is the fact that almost ALL restaurants around the globe has it in their menu.

And because we usually want something new, milkshakes has evolved into an over-the-top drink and dessert in one. Now we can see it in classic glasses and topped with whip creams and several sweet sticks, sprinkles, chocolate, syrup and more. This made it the ultimate drink that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

However, some still prefer to have the classic vanilla or fruit flavor milkshake as it is. Well, no matter which version you love, we can still say that it is an all-time favorite drink.

California won’t be missing out. There are tons of places in this state where you can have the best milkshake of your life!

And today, we will list down 10 places where you can have the best of the best milkshake in this state.

  1. Great Shakes

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From the name of the shop itself, there’s no doubt that they had been specializing on milkshakes. Great shakes is a popular milkshake shop located in Palm Springs. They have created the classic flavored shakes to those extremely trendy shakes. You won’t want to miss out on their S’more shake that is topped with delicious fudge, graham and everyone’s favorite – marshmallow.


  1. Ruby’s Diner

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In Balboa, you will find a classic diner that has a long list of flavorful milkshake on their menu. In Ruby’s Diner, you will find classic milkshakes that is in the usual shake glasses and topped with cherry- something that will truly take you back in time. But as of today, they are also venturing into handmade to order shakes that will surely explode with flavor.


  1. Palm Springs Fudge & Chocolate

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Palm Springs Fudge & Chocolate is home to all those who are into anything sweet. This is a famous dessert shop in Palm Spring that has become more popular due to its Date Shake. Milkshake might not be their main game but they truly excelled in creating one of California’s most favorite shake flavor.


  1. Burger Lounge

Image result for Burger Lounge shakes

Yes, another diner on our milkshake list is a burger house. Burger Lounge is very popular when it comes to their mouthwatering burgers. This is why you can find them in various location in California. But, they can be underrated when it comes to their milkshake. They only offer two flavors – Vanilla and Chocolate. What made them a part of our list is because their milkshake was created in proportions that you won’t be able to resist.


  1. Fair Oaks Pharmacy

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Fair Oaks Pharmacy is definitely a classic. It might be one of the oldest diners that is still open in Los Angeles. Sodas and ice cream are the foundation of this one of a kind dinner/pharmacy. And yes, they use to file prescriptions as well. Here, you will find LA’s most flavorful burger that is best paired with classic milkshake that is topped with syrup, cream and the brightest cherry.


  1. The Ice Cream Bar

Image result for The Ice Cream Bar shakes san francisco

There is no doubt that a great milkshake can be found in an ice cream bar. The Ice Cream Bar in San Francisco is one of the best place to have a glass of milkshake in the entire country. They served old-fashioned milkshakes that you will surely love. Their shakes are made from the finest milk, eggs and finely shaved ice. Their “Too Good To Be True” milk shake is a must have!


  1. The Straw

Image result for The Straw shakes orange county;jsessionid=DF588384DB41748B8568889CDC3774E8

If you want a simple yet highly Instagrammable drink, then The Straw is the place to be. This shop is ranked as the best dessert and milkshake house in Orange County. Well, by simply looking at the photos of their shakes, we can already tell why it became the best. This place is known for their modern milkshakes. When we say modern, we mean that they have went beyond creating the classic vanilla and chocolate shakes and ventured into mixes that is truly tasty. Even the names of their shakes are quite interesting. Would you love to try the “Headless Horseman”?


  1. Big D’s Burger

Image result for Big D's Burgers Shake

Another burger house made it to our list! Burgers seemed to be best paired with milkshakes! What made Big D’s Burger different? Well, they serve one of the most popular freak shake in the state. Their milkshake is in a glass that is served with a plate because it is truly over loaded with toppings that can truly make your tummy full. The sweetness of every shake and its toppings will match the salty taste of every burger you’re going to eat.


  1. Palo Alto Creamery

Image result for Palo Alto Creamery Shake

It is safe to say that what really made Palo Alto famous is their milkshake. This is a retro style dinner that will take you back in time as you sip their classic shakes. The great thing about this shop is that they let their customers create their own flavor by letting them choose additional ingredients that will make every shake different from the other. They also serve America’s most loved snacks and meals that will go great with every glass of milkshake.


  1. Milk

Image result for Milk's Shake los angeles

One of the best in Los Angeles comes in the shortest name. Milk is a popular dessert bar that will really make every “sweets lover” happy. This bar has the most delicious ice cream in town and their famous Milky Way Malt won’t be left behind when it comes to milkshakes. Their shakes are usually thick but just enough to make each sip unforgettable.

These are the best for us, who made it on your top list? Share it to us and let’s all explore until we find the greatest milkshake for everyone in California!


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