Warming Up This Holiday Season Is Not a Problem in This Spa in San Francisco

Warming Up This Holiday Season Is Not a Problem in This Spa in San Francisco

Warming Up This Holiday Season Is Not a Problem in This Spa in San Francisco


The season has changed. The weather is getting colder. Though California is a state where you can rarely experience snow or there’s snow in only few parts of it, the breeze is still really getting cold. Well, we are all aware that most Californians are freezing whenever the temperature gets lower than 60 degrees. But, whether we like it or not, we can never control the weather, though we may stay inside our house and do everything to make the inside hotter, still the weather outside will still be cold. Also, we most of the time need to go out, for school, work or even just to buy something in the mall so feeling the cold weather is somehow unavoidable. But, we also know that there are a lot of things that we can do to feel a bit warmer. Some choose to have a sip of a warm soup in the morning, or drink a cup of coffee or any hot drinks, some dress up with thick clothes, sweater and/or jackets and some spends some time on the shower or bath tub while enjoying the warm water through the help of the water heater.

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No matter how we choose to warm our body up, it’s fine. As long as it satisfies us, it’s comfortable for you and it won’t hurt, irritate or negatively affect the people around you, do whatever you think is appropriate. Did you know that in California, you may really find almost everything? Yes, you really can! How can we say so? Well, there are a lot of stores, attractions and food that you never expect possible in this place and/or things that may solve some of your problems. You might know where we’re going…. a place that may relieve you from this freezing weather! There might be many solutions to that problem already but this place will not just warm you up but will also make you feel relaxed and stress free!

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Kabuki Springs and Spa is quite a great place for relaxation and a treat for yourself after a months of working and a number of problems you faced. How may this place help us during this weather? Well, you may find a good Hot Spring in this place that may warm you up for your entire stay and for some time on that whole day. But let’s admit, hot springs are a good option anytime of the year. Why? Maybe because soaking your stay in a warm water is really helpful when you want to unwind. Some might say that you may do this at home in your tub, but doing it in Kabuki Springs and Spa is just amazing!

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The place followed the ambiance and the design of a Japanese Hot spring. With this, it brings more calmness in the place. The tranquility it offer is not something that we can easily achieve in our tub or in some other hot spring resorts. This communal bath does not only give relaxation but harmony as well. Facilities also include a hot pool, cold plunge, dry sauna, and steam room. So if you want to get up of pool, you can still try other amenities like sitting on their sauna areas. If you want to take a bath, you can choose one of the two rooms, there is a Japanese style room where it is a Japanese-seated area and there is also a standing western style shower. The communal baths also has a full-time bathing attendant. So you don’t have to worry if you need some help, someone will assist you in case you need a hand.

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If you want to try out this communal baths, take note of the following rules and instruction from the online site of the spa:

  • Please turn off and store your cell phone and other electronics.  Allow this time to be about disconnecting.
  • Keep your locker key with you at all times.
  • It is traditional to shower before using the pools
  • You may begin with the dry sauna (140 degrees) or the steam room (120 degrees)
  • Reinvigorate with the cold pool (55 degrees)
  • Rest, relax, and rehydrate
  • Complete the ritual with a soak in the hot pool (104 degrees)

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You may also visit their site do their schedule, rates and more. You may also try their other services like massage, facial, body treatments and more. So if you want to warm your body up and relax, come and visit Kabuki Spring and Spa at 1750 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA.

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