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Frog Legs and more at Pinot Provence

by 4
Pinot Provence at The Westin South Coast Plaza has new menu items and some may cause you to jump for joy. The Frog's Legs special is offered in a b...

What to do on a rainy Saturday in California

by 5
Months ago, I signed up for my first of many 5K races this year and was completely psyched – I even compiled the perfect playlist for running. Howe...

Find all the Hidden Mickeys in Disneyland

by 5
Going to Disneyland is almost certainly every kid’s – and every adult’s, really (that’s where I went on my honeymoon) – dream come true. It is the ...

The 6 Reasons Why I'm in Love With In-N-Out

by 1
1. Quality is everything. At In-N-Out, their motto is literally "Quality You Can Taste", and it couldn't be more true. Making things the old fashi...

The Best Donut Places in California

by 1
California Donuts "For over 25 years, California Donuts #21 Inc. has been proud of serving only the greatest of donuts… All of our donuts are tradi...

Things to do in San Francisco on a weekday

by 5
You’re in one of the most popular, most artistic, and most culturally diverse cities in the country for a week, and you have no idea what to do or ...

Dude, I'm a California Local.

by 1
Whether you have lived in California all of your life, or you have only seen portrayals on television, most people know how a California local is s...

Snowboarding in the Desert?

by 1
So everybody knows that you can go both surfing and snowboarding all in one day in California. But did you know that you could also throw in Desert...

Cool runnings: 20 music must-haves for your next race

by 5
With the wintry and biting cold-ish weather coming to an end, it won’t be long before the sidewalks, the parks, the shorelines, and the off-road tr...

The Mammoth mountains are calling!

by 1
"Winter" in California will soon be wrapping up, and everybody knows what that means! Only a few more chances to grab your boards (the other ones) ...

Eat your way from LA to San Diego

by 4
I must admit, I eat out a lot. To me, food is about connection, it brings people closer together in so many ways. Needless to say, my meals are alw...

Check Out California's Oldest State Park: Big Basin

by 1
Being California's oldest state park, Big Basin is a beautiful place to adventure in many different ways. With endless possibilities to explore the...