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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo In Style

by Anna Atlea
May 5th may be a Monday, but that doesn't have to stop you from celebrating Cinco de Mayo in style this year!   Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Flickr - -...

Seen it? Visit it! Best California Movie Locations To Visit

by Anna Atlea
Do you love watching movies? Take a look below at the movie and location lists and plan a vacation (or day trip) to these amazing locations. Bring ...

CA Limited is Partnering With The Newport Beach Film Festival. Are you In?

by Anna Atlea
The Newport Beach Film Festival is recognized as one of the leading film festivals in the United States. We here at California Limited have the dis...

Central California Festivals for 2014

by Anna Atlea
Planning out your spring break? Thinking of switching up your summer vacation this year? Well, you're in luck! This list of Central California Fest...

Northern California Festivals for 2014

by Anna Atlea
This list of Northern California Festivals for 2014 can help you plan out your Spring Break and summer plans. Whether you like trying new foods or ...

Things to do in San Francisco on a weekday

by 5
You’re in one of the most popular, most artistic, and most culturally diverse cities in the country for a week, and you have no idea what to do or ...

17 Fantastic Photos of Street Art in California

by 1
California attracts the brightest minds in the world. Here are just a few examples of beautiful street art found in various locations throughout Ca...