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Everything tastes better in California. Why is that? Other states try to replicate the flavor and creativity that goes into the popular cuisines you’ll find in California, but it simply isn’t the same. We’re going to chalk it up to the pure energy and love that California chefs put into their food. Whatever it is, there are 12 foods that you absolutely MUST try when you’re in California. In-N-OutWe know, we sound like a broken record. But seriously, if you go to California and don’t eat In-N-Out, you’re truly missing out on a Californian classic. A popular food icon of...

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Best Romantic Escapes in California Even for those attempting to date in Los Angeles county, California is a place for lovers. It is an endless escape for those searching for their idyll. Here in California we love with our souls and those around us. Inspired by the glowing sunshine and perpetual beauty the state has to offer, we at Calimited have compiled your ultimate list of the best romantic escapes we have in California. Author Kay Smythe has been published in both national and international press for her works in travel journalism. She holds a degree in social and physical...

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3 Best Things to do in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco By Kay Smythe The following items are the personal preference of the author. Kay Smythe has been widely published and won awards for her travel writing. Here is what she has to say about the three major cities in California. SAN DIEGO Though San Diego is often seen as the dullest of the California triplets, this is a popular misconception of the city. However, there are certain things that will simply not be endorsed on here that you may find on other sites (watch Blackfish for more...

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