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Tacos are one of the eating vessels of choice when you’re in San Diego. Whether it be unique creations or straight outta a truck, tons of places are cramming their food inside of tortillas. One of the more innovative ones is coming out of the minds of a local food star, who’s put together barbeque, mac and cheese, and tacos for a whirlwind combination of flavors. This Smokey Pork & Mac Taco comes from the mind of Sam “The Cooking Guy” Zien. A local and nationally recognized TV and online food show host, he has his own place, Not Not...

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It’s tradition on Dia De Los Muertos to place ofrendas, or offerings, on altars so that deceased ancestors will come back and visit their families. Tamales, in both sweet and savory form, are one of the most common foods used as an ofrenda, making these dessert tamales a colorful and tasty offering for both eating and placing on the family altar. This version of a dessert tamal evokes the colors and tastes of fall, utilizing both orange and white sweet potatoes as the chief components of the filling. For an extra hit of sweetness, OREOs are incorporated into both the...

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A lot of restaurants and chains have incorporated dog and pet-friendly policies over the years, but not everyone has had one from the start. If you go to the Lazy Dog, a dog-themed and dog-friendly restaurant chain, though, you’ll find two entire menus: one dedicated to dogs, and another expansive one for their owners. Foodbeast’s own Marc Kharrat and Elie Ayrouth teamed up with Josh Elkin, the Undisputed Champion of Breakfast and host of the Cooking Channel’s Sugar Showdown, to try out both menus from cover to cover. On the latest episode of Foodbeast’s show Going In, they went to the Lazy Dog location...

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15 Things You Will Miss When You Leave CaliforniaCalifornians have got it good. They’ve got it so good in fact, that when they leave, they quickly notice all that the state had to offer. Here are a few things near and dear to Californians hearts that they find unbearable to part with.  SHOP CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC TEES - New Designs for men & women1. The WeatherIt’s universally understood that it is pretty much always beautiful in California. The sun shines, the waves crash blissfully on the beaches, and the landscapes, both natural and man-made are always on point. Good luck finding...

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The Most Unique Foods You Will Find in California1.) Chinatown Specialties You may think you have heard of pretty much everything when it comes to food. Especially if you’re a diehard foodie – but have you seen the culinary oddities that can only be found deep in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown? Chinese delicacies like dried lizards on a stick, chocolate covered ants, fried scorpions, and not so strange foods like Vietnamese Pho are all some of the unique foods you can sample in Chinatown. With all of the cultural diversity, Chinatown is an exciting food experience all around...

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