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LA's K-Town Famous ‘Quarters’ Comes To OC With A BULGOGI BURGER

LA's K-Town Famous ‘Quarters’ Comes To OC With A BULGOGI BURGER-CA LIMITED

Going to Korean BBQ is an event. It’s treating yourself to a hefty portion of delicious, prime meat. It’s getting together a group of friends and chatting about everything going on in your lives while your favorite cuts sizzle away on the grill. It’s having no intention to rush. It’s fasting all day so that you can eat to your heart’s content once the bulgogi starts flowing. It’s leaving with a belly fuller than a perm in the 80’s. Sometimes, though, it’s not about all that.

Sometimes, you just want the food.

This was exactly the case for Foodbeast’s very own Elie Ayrouth and Mark Kharrat, along with Christina Kim (@vivalastina), in the newest episode of Going In. And boy, did they get the food.

One of LA's quintessential KBBQ restaurants, Quarters BBQ, is bringing their high-grade meat to a more casual setting. This has translated to the debut of a new iteration of their restaurant in the form of Quarters Kitchen, in Orange County, CA. Here, they’re serving up their famous marinated meats in ways more attuned to your local spot that explodes with people at lunchtime.

There’s the fresh handmade Kimchi, Spicy Pork Belly Bowl, Nutty Green Tofu Salad, and the Kimchi Fried Rice, and the Grilled Pork Belly Bowl, and the Japchae, and — okay, I’m running out of breath. There’s a plethora of mouthwatering food, needless to say. And our favorite Foodbeasts tried them all. And when I say ‘all’, I mean they ordered every single item on the menu — in true Going In style. Check out the dishes they picked out as their favorites after sampling the menu.

Bulgogi Burger (Elie)

Often times, the best part about KBBQ, surprisingly, isn’t the meat. It’s the bowl of cheese that sits next to your meats on the grill, melting down until it turns into a luscious fondue. Thankfully, Quarters hasn’t abandoned that cherished feature here. This Korean-American BBQ hybrid is stacked with soy-marinated ribeye steak, lettuce, mushroom, cheese, and Quarter’s house signature sauce, all of which sits in between two brioche buns.

Bulgogi Kimchi Tater Tots (Christina)

Almost anything goes well with crispy, golden tots — even nothing, really. But when they’re covered in bulgogi, kimchi, and (as Christina stresses in the video) cheese? Forget about it. We’re taking it all.

Mandu (Marc)

These dumplings are filled with a mixture of beef, pork, bean sprouts, zucchini, dried tofu, onions, and chives. If you’re curious to see how these are made, make sure to check out the episode, as our hosts were lucky enough to make their way into the kitchen and receive a lesson in mandu making.

The trio finished off their meal with Quarter’s soft serve ice cream, which comes towering in a cup with a couple churros sitting atop. I’m not sure how there was any stomach space left there, but I guess our hosts were truly… going in.

You can view everything mentioned in this article in the newest episode of Going In. If watching isn’t enough, you can try for yourself at Quarter’s Kitchen at the Yorba Linda Town Center in Yorba Linda, CA.

Created in partnership with Quarter's Kitchen. Feature image by AYCE Creative.

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