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Everything tastes better in California. Why is that? Other states try to replicate the flavor and creativity that goes into the popular cuisines you’ll find in California, but it simply isn’t the same. We’re going to chalk it up to the pure energy and love that California chefs put into their food. Whatever it is, there are 12 foods that you absolutely MUST try when you’re in California. In-N-OutWe know, we sound like a broken record. But seriously, if you go to California and don’t eat In-N-Out, you’re truly missing out on a Californian classic. A popular food icon of...

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  One of the most popular emoji icons is now a bonafide donut - thanks to the bakers at Rancho Santa Margarita, California's The Doughnut Parlor. Probably a huge step up in taste compared to the poop flavored frozen yogurt that was featured on Comedy Central’s “Nathan For You” episode. Owner Adam Vaun says the poop emoji donut has rapidly become its most popular donut quickly, probably due to the fact that people are texting it to their friends the minute they see it. The delicious/hilarious-looking donut is a dense chocolate cake donut covered in a rich dark chocolate icing,...

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