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The Secrets of San Diego Speakeasies


Ever wanted to live in the 20's and experience the rush of going underground to party? You might be interested in San Diego speakeasies.

  Gas Lamp Speakeasy Located on 708 4th Ave in San Diego, and open every  night after 8:00 pm, this speakeasy boasts nightly entertainment of Jazz and Blues and carries a 1920's old time vibe. Providing food from Henneseys next door and hand crafted cocktails, this bar is sure to impress you. The website states that the house rules are; No Religion, No Politics, If you want to approach a lady, you should do so with a drink, Booths are for communal seating, and if you want a fancy cocktail, it's going to take a minute so be patient. When it comes to San Diego speakeasies, this one is a classic.

gaslamp speakeasy

Source: Prohibition If you are looking for a genuine speakeasy vibe, look no further than Prohibition. With a decoy store front doubling as a Law Office, you can enter through the secret door at 548 5th Ave in San Diego on a first come first serve basis Thursday through Saturday after 7:00 pm. Starting at 9:30 is the live entertainment, and in suit with other 1920's themed bars there are a few strictly enforced house rules: no cell phones at the bar, no parties larger than six, drink with an open mind, no unsolicited advances on female patrons, and the dress code strictly enforced (collared shirts for men, no athletic shoes, no sandals, no shorts, and no ball caps). As for San Diego speakeasies, this one will make you feel classy!


Source:   Noble Experiment  Another speakeasy with a secret entrance, this one is probably the hardest to notice or find. Hidden behind a wall of faux beer barrels in the back of The Neighborhood restaurant at 777 G St in San Diego. With even the most secretive of sites, you click on a key to place a reservation and must use one to get in on the night of in order to experience the entertainment and customized drinks made my "mixologists". Word is, the Dealer's Choice is the regular favorite. If you are looking for the most secretive of San Diego speakeasies, come here for a good time.

noble experiment


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