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The Most Colorful Foods To Try At This Year's LA County Fair

by analiese trimber
County fairs are widely known for fun and decadence, whether it be through the rides, attractions, or the food. And speaking of the food, in rec...

Yosemite: California's Best Big Kid Park

by 1
What is there to do in Yosemite National Park? The question is, what isn't there to do? With it's breathtaking scenery and abundance of outdoor...

Dude, I'm a California Local.

by 1
Whether you have lived in California all of your life, or you have only seen portrayals on television, most people know how a California local is s...

Check Out California's Oldest State Park: Big Basin

by 1
Being California's oldest state park, Big Basin is a beautiful place to adventure in many different ways. With endless possibilities to explore the...

Snorkeling in California

by 1
One of the coolest experiences you can have in the warm California waters. Snorkeling in California is a fun way to enjoy nature, explore the sea, ...

Two Weeks in the Golden State

by 1
You're going to want to spend more than two weeks in the Golden State.   14 days of bliss - just watch and be happy.   California f...

The Most Epic Vacation You'll Ever Have

by 1
1300 miles of beauty, there is no better place to visit for vacation!   1300 CALIFORNIA MILES from Brandon Lied on Vimeo.

The Only Place You Can Surf and Snowboard in the Same Day...

by 1
The only place you can surf and snowboard in the same day...and still be wearing no shirt :)   Hypermountain /// California from HyperMoun...

Richard Sherman's Childhood in Compton

by 1
With all of the talk going around about Richard Sherman as the Superbowl approaches, everybody seems to be obsessed with his levels of confidence. ...

Bike in San Francisco

by 1
Check another amazing video of some great street biking in San Francisco.   

Visit and Soak up the California Sun

by 1
1,300 miles of beautiful coast to love and explore. When's your next road trip?     1300 CALIFORNIA MILES from Brandon Lied on Vimeo.