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9 Things You’ll Get Addicted to in California

9 Things You’ll Get Addicted to in California


We’re ready to assert that California is hands down the most culturally diverse state. The cultural celebration that lies within the hearts of Californians is immensely palpable. Every day there are displays of cultural appreciation that thrives in the golden state’s culinary offering and culturally rich communities. Tamales? Vietnamese Pho? Indian food? California has got it all. Even more contagious is the true appreciation and gratitude that accompanies the love of all cultures. California is doing something right. You’ll feel so loved and wanted that you’ll simply never want to leave.

Culinary Variety

Fueled by the cultural diversity that Californians pride themselves on so much, the decadent flavors of the variety of cultural backgrounds thrive in the heart of cities like Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Diego. Don’t believe us? Californians are so obsessed with their ethnic food culture that they even dedicate entire festivals to it! The annual tamale festival in Indio and the Taste of Ecuador festival in Los Angeles are proof. You’ll become insanely addicted to your newfound ability to satisfy literally any food craving you’ll ever have.

Being Fit

Californians have some rockin’ bods. No wonder – they have just about every type of fitness guru at their disposal. Is yoga your thing? Ok – take your pick from hot yoga, vinyasa yoga, hybrid yoga, California has it all. Oh – you’re hardcore? Just attend one of the many cross fit gyms littered throughout the state. Attend a spin class. Or hire your own personal trainer. The point is, in California there is literally no reason not to have a bangin’ bod. Once you feel the burn, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Clothing is Optional

Remember how we mentioned those hard-earned hard bodies that Californians love so much? Well, they certainly don’t like to put in all that hard work to not show it off. It’s not uncommon to see Californians scantily clad, parading around in bikinis and board shorts – and honestly, do you blame them? With bodies so hella tight, we should be thanking them for allowing us the viewing pleasure.

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Sure – you can have brunch anywhere, but in California, brunch is Brunch: with a capital “B”. Brunching is something that Californians have perfected – and they can’t get enough. In fact, many local eateries host special brunch menus with delectable cuisine to satisfy your palate whether you have a craving for perfectly prepared made-to-order omelets, or a freshly carved piece of prime rib. Mmmm…brunch.

The Music Scene

Coachella, anyone? Yeah – California is home to some of the hottest music scenes in the biz. If you want to see an artist, chances are they’re playing near you. Unlike the rest of the country, California will never feel the need to beg for artists to visit their state! So… put on your hottest concert attire and head out to the newest, most happening music festivals. Everyone will be there. Disclaimer: once you’ve gone once, there is no turning back. Californians love their music.

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Health Conscious Diets

Californians love their food – and more often than not, their food loves them back! Californians understand the value of a good meal, and not just for taste’s sake. Food buzzwords that will keep Californians coming back for more include “antioxidants”, “paleo”, and “vegan”. When you need a convenient meal in California you don’t have to worry about compromising health for time’s sake.

Worshiping the Sun

With some of the country’s best weather, it’s difficult to stay indoors. Add in the lustrous beaches and outdoor activities that are so easily enjoyed, and you’ll soon realize why the state’s natives are basically the sun gods and goddesses of the west coast. Californians worship the sun – and their sun kissed bodies are proof.

True Freedom to be Truly You

Ranking as one of the most tolerant states in the country, California allows each of its residents to be as unique and true to their souls as they desire to be. Home to one of the largest populations of LGBTQ persons, an impressive variety of religiously diverse backgrounds, and immigrants from an array of countries, California has acknowledged the diversity within and nurtured and celebrated it. Kudos, Cali!

Best California races that will leave you breathless, dirty, and possibly fearing for your life

We've compiled a list of the best California races to put your endurance and strength to the test. Some are just plain fun and others will push you to (and maybe past) the breaking point. Which races are you up for?

Tough Mudder

Likely one of the better known mud runs, the Tough Mudder has everything you'll need to get dirty while challenging your endurance and team spirit. There are several California race locations including Patterson (Northern California) April 12-13, Tahoe August 16-17, and Temecula October 25-26. Be warned - the Tough Mudder isn't for the faint of heart! California Races Pinterest - from

Down and Dirty Obstacle Race

The Southern California location for this race is Castaic, Ca (Northern Los Angeles) and is held on April 13, 2014.  This races offers you the choice of a 3 mile or 6 mile course with over 20 obstacles including rope climbing, a rock wall, balance beans, marine hurdles, mud pits, and so much more! Participate in this race and you are guaranteed to walk away dirty.

Kiss Me Dirty Mud Run

This one's for the ladies (or, apparently, guys dressed up like ladies?). The Kiss Me Dirty Mud Run on April 26, 2014 in San Jose combines mud, foam, and color. It's like participating in three races at once! Lucky ladies that sign up for this gem of a race will have one thing in common: attitude. If this is you, make this your next California race!

The Color Run

Break out that nice white T-shirt and take a before and after selfie, because this run will not only give you a great workout, but a whole new colorful look. The Color Run, with a variety of locations in California, is a fun and easy 5k. The Orange County run is coming up May 10, 2014 so make sure and register soon! Grab three other friends and knock $5 off your entry fee! California Races Pinterest - from Nancy Tu

Mud n' Blood Zombie Run

Not for the faint of heart, this Mud and Zombie Run combines the elements of fear and grime to get your heart beating and your legs pumping. If you've been training for the impending Zombie Apocalypse and want to prove something (whether that's to you or to the people dressed up like zombies who will be chasing you) sign up now! The next race is June 7, 2014 but mark your calendars for The Zombie Run (a similar race) next year in March. California Races Photo from The Zombie Run via

Gladiator Rockin' Run

Take a trip to Irvine on June 14, 2014 for this 5k with 17 obstacles, a whole lot of mud, and even a free beer at the end (for those over 21 of course!). This is a great event to form a team and create a costume for!

The Slime Run

SLIME! There is nothing better than running through green goo. Ok, maybe there are some things that are better, but this is definitely near the top of the list. The next event is in Sacramento on June 21, 2014 or wait until October 25, 2014 for the Southern California race held in Lake Elsinore.

5k Foam Fest

This race is packed with foamy fun for everyone! You'll be muddy and clean all at the same time with the various obstacles in place during this 5k. With two locations in California, you have no excuse to get out of this! July 19, 2014 in Temecula and August 9, 2014 in Oakland. Register now to save your spot! California Races Found on 5K Foam Fest

The Great American Hero Obstacle Run (5k/10k)

The race supports heroes locally and abroad and is meant to challenge any fitness level! It's located near the San Joaquin River on August 23, 2014 and is a great event for the whole family with a focus on celebrating those who serve in the military and as civil servants.

Spartan Race

Crawl through mud, under wires, and jump over fire (among other obstacles) in the this hard-core race held in various locations world wide. The California race is held in Temecula on September 14, 2014. Dominate this run and you may just win an entry into the Super Spartan! California Races Flickr - cogdogblog

MuckFest 5k Mud Run

If these earlier races weren't enough for you (or it's taken you until the fall to gain the courage to join) sign up for the MuckFest 5k held in Los Angeles September 27, 2014. This race is a fundraiser for the MS foundation and  100% of funds raised will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society! You shouldn't need any better motivation than that ;)

Have we convinced you to sign up for a race that will leave you muddy and exhausted? If so, let us know which one in the comments below!

Source: Mud Jumper Cover Photo: From Rich-Joseph Facun Photography

Are you ready for the beach? How to stay fit California style

Sun, fun, and swimsuits are just around the corner. The big question is: are you ready for the beach? California offers some of the most beautiful beaches on the West Coast. With warm weather quickly approaching, fitting into that perfect swimsuit or pair of trunks is a must. We've got some fitness tips and tricks to share so you'll be ready for the beach just in time for summer!

California Meal Tips

Eating out: Everyone loves a great meal and there is nothing better than going out with friends, but eating out all the time can hurt your chances of being ready for the beach this summer. Some things to consider when you eat out:
  • What are you ordering? Check out the lighter menu options.
  • Do you know what's in your dish? Restaurants add a lot of fattening ingredients - watch things like dressings, sauces, and side dishes.
  • Whats a true portion size? They make take-out boxes for a reason!
  • Do you really need dessert? Usually, the answer is no.
[caption id="attachment_707" align="alignleft" width="414"]California Fitness Flickr-RoOoNa[/caption]   Make it at home: Life is busy, but don't underestimate making your meals at home. Try making a salad the night before or bagging fruits and veggies as a snack or meal for the next day. Snacks: What are you snacking on? Sometimes we just crave something sweet or salty and that gets us in trouble.   Check out these snack substitutes:
  • Unsalted nuts in place of greasy chips
  • Carrots in place of Chex Mix
  • Fruit in place of a frappuccino
  • One serving of dark chocolate in place of a candy bar
  • Chew gum when you aren't hungry but feel the need to snack

California Fitness Tips

[caption id="attachment_711" align="alignleft" width="284"]California Fitness Ready for the Beach[/caption] Take the stairs: It may seem too early to trek all the way up to your office but it's definitely a great decision to get you ready for the beach! Take a walk: It's easy to stay in one spot all day. Consider using a portion (or all) of your lunch break to take a walk! The exercise will energize you and help you avoid an afternoon slump. Say no to soda: Cut out this sugary drink and replace it with water to see the results for yourself. This could make the difference in losing the last few pounds you can't seem to get rid of!

California Workouts to Help You Get Ready for the Beach

Cardio Cali Style: However you like to fit it in, carido is a vital part of any workout routine. Instead of running on a treadmill, try getting your cardio in California-Style. Some suggestions: biking, rollerblading, beach volleyball, or Ultimate Frisbee. The more you involve your friends, the more exciting these actives will be. Strength Training: Don't underestimate the power of adding weights to any workout routine. Ladies may shy away from this, but adding weights to your workout doesn't mean you'll bulk up like a body builder. It will, however, mean toning, definition, and weight loss. [caption id="attachment_710" align="aligncenter" width="558"]fitnessfirst bootcamp Flicrk-Fitness First Germany[/caption]

Gym or no gym - that is the question: Can't seem to make it to the gym? Uninspired by staring at a blank wall? Try your workout outside. The fresh air, scenery, and visual stimulation can be a great motivator. Also try working out in groups. It's great motivation and perfect for accountability.

Have we inspired you? What keeps you motivated and ready for the beach?

Cover Photo: Flickr-Lumperjack

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